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Clever side-by-side iPhone game controller has no problem with bulky cases [Review] ★★★★


Clever side-by-side iPhone game controller has no problem with bulky cases [Review]★★★★
Play games on the Gamevice Flex without taking off your iPhone case.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

The Gamevice Flex is an iPhone game controller that mimics the design of the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con with the controls set on either side of the display. Similar iPhone controllers make you take the case off your handset to play but the Flex wraps around the handset even if it’s in a protective case.

The wired controller includes a full set of buttons, sticks, bumpers, etc. so you can enjoy games like Fortnite from Xbox Cloud Gaming or similar services, or almost anything from Apple Arcade.

I spent quite a few hours testing Gamevice Flex – here’s why I like it.

This iPhone game controller is designed for Xbox Cloud Gaming [Review] ★★★★


This iPhone game controller is designed for Xbox Cloud Gaming [Review]★★★★
You're ready to play Xbox Cloud Gaming on your iPhone with the RiotPWR Controller for iOS (Xbox Edition).
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

RiotPWR teamed up with Microsoft on an Xbox-licensed game controller for iPhone. It’s nearly identical to one of Microsoft’s own but the RiotPWR Controller for iOS (Xbox Edition) connects through a Lightning cable and includes a mount to hold your handset. And it comes with a month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to get you started playing console games online.

I’ve enjoyed a couple of weeks of gaming on RiotPWR’s iPhone controller. Here’s why.

Fortnite returns to iPhone with clever workaround – here’s how to play!


Fortnite returns to iPhone with clever workaround – here's how to play!
If you've been missing Fortnite, you can play it now on iPhone or iPad.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Fortnite got kicked out of the App Store as part of a legal battle between Apple and Epic Games, but you can play it on your iPhone today for free. Microsoft added it to Xbox Cloud Gaming so the combat game is playable on iOS and iPadOS devices.

Setting up your iPhone or iPad to play Fortnite from the cloud rather than the App Store is different from what you’re used to. Not hard, just different. I’ll walk you through it.

Xbox Cloud Gaming gets ‘major’ improvements on iPhone and iPad


Xbox Cloud Gaming gets major improvements
Try them out now and let Microsoft know what you think.
Image: Microsoft

Microsoft this week rolled out a big Xbox Cloud Gaming update that promises “major performance improvements” on iPhone and iPad. They should allow for smoother and more responsive gameplay, the company said.

The changes have already been well-received by Cloud Gaming users, with Microsoft seeing a “significant increase” in positive feedback from players.

Microsoft was open to bringing Xbox exclusives to iPhone, Apple wouldn’t play ball


Microsoft wanted to bring Xbox exclusive to the App Store
Halo Infinite could have hit the App Store.
Photo: Microsoft

Microsoft told Apple that it was willing to turn big Xbox exclusives into iPhone and iPad games before negotiations over bringing its Xbox Cloud Gaming service to the App Store broke down earlier this year, internal emails show.

Microsoft was also open to releasing individual apps for each of the titles available in its streaming catalog to comply with App Store rules. It changed course when it became apparent that appeasing Apple was just too difficult.