RapidWeaver, Powerful, Simple WYSIWYG HTML Editing [Deals]



There are times, believe it or not, that you just need a basic web page (or site), and using WordPress is just getting in the way. Maybe you need to layout a table in HTML. Maybe you just need a splash page as a place holder. Regardless of the why, the need is clear and you need an app to make it happen.

Oh, sure, you can code by hand. You know how to code complex tables by hand and maybe toss in some in-line CSS too, right? Right, neither do I. That’s why I have a copy of RapidWeaver. Yeah I got it years ago (in an app bundle) and I’ve installed it, deleted it, and reinstalled it several times now (I’ve finally wised up and I’m not deleting it again). Why? Like I said above, sometimes you just need a solid WYSIWYG HTML editor—Create Powerful Websites With RapidWeaver 5: Build Beautiful Websites & Get Realmac’s Nobility Theme to Get You Started.