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Safari In iOS 6: iCloud Tabs, Offline Reading List, Fullscreen Mode In Landscape [WWDC12]



“Safari is the best and most popular on the planet. About two thirds of all mobile traffic comes from Safari in iOS,” said Scott Forstall today at WWDC. Tabs are now synced across iCloud, and there’s an Offline Reading List mode for Safari in iOS 6.

“We also adding the ability to upload photos right from Safari to your favorite websites,” said Forstall. The integration works like a desktop browser for adding photos in web fields. There’s also fullscreen Safari mode for landscape orientation.

The new Safari will ship in iOS 6 later this year.

New Enhancements In The iOS 6 Phone App [WWDC12]



Apple announced some nice enhancements to the iPhone’s Phone app in iOS 6 today. Instead of simply having to accept or decline a call, you can now reply with an iMessage or have the OS remind you to call back later. The Phone app can remind you in one hour, or use geofencing to remind you when you leave a certain area.

The iOS 6 Notification Center’s ‘Do Not Disturb” feature allows for even finer control of the Phone app. You can set your iPhone to only allow calls from favorite contacts, certain contact groups, or even a number that calls more than once in three minutes. That’s right, no more prank calls!

Siri Officially Coming To The iPad In iOS 6, And It Looks Like This [WWDC12]



Following all of the Siri enhancements for the iPhone on iOS 6 Apple announced today, iPad owners will be pleased to know that the digital assistant is making its way to Apple’s tablet as well. The phone integration will obviously not be there, but all of Siri’s other features will be present, including the new ones in iOS 6.

This compliments the addition of Siri Dictation Apple made with the new iPad back in March. The iPad 2 and third-gen iPad will be supported by Siri in iOS 6, and not the original iPad.

365 Million iOS Devices Sold To Date, Nearly Half Of All Twitter Photos Shared From iOS 5 [WWDC12]



Apple announced today that 365 million iOS devices have been sold as of March 2012. “Almost all of our users are running iOS 5,” said Scott Forstall. “Now if you compare that to the competition. They released a dairy product, 4.0, about the same time as we released iOS 5. About 7% of their users are running it.” Forstall was referring to the poor adoption rate of Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich OS.

1.5 trillion push notifications are sent with Notification Center each day, and 130 million people are using Game Center. 140 million iMessage users have sent 150 billion iMessages, equalling a billion more each day.

“More than 75% of our customers check the ‘very satisfied’ box, and our competition has less than 50%,” said Apple, referring to its customer satisfaction surveys.

47% of all photos shared on Twitter come from iOS, and 10 billion tweets have come from iOS 5 devices since Twitter integration was added last summer. We’re sure Facebook will see similar success this time around.

OS X Mountain Lion Shipping Next Month For $20 [WWDC12]



Apple has announced that the 8th major iteration of its Mac operating system, OS X Mountain Lion, will officially go on sale to the public in July for only $20 in the Mac App Store. New Macs purchased today will receive a free copy of Mountain Lion when it ships, and developers will receive another preview copy today at WWDC.

“The pace of innovation on the Mac is amazing, OS X Mountain Lion comes just a year after the incredibly successful launch of Lion,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing. “With iCloud built right in and the new Notification Center, Messages, Dictation, Facebook integration and more, this is the best OS X yet.”

Unfortunately, no specific date in July for the availability of Mountain Lion has been given at this time.

New OS X Mountain Lion Feature: Power Nap [WWDC12]



Apple unveiled a completely new Mountain Lion feature today at WWDC. “I want to introduce you to a new technology in OS X that we call Power Nap,” said Craig Federighi. “Wouldn’t it be great if our computers still worked for us when we weren’t working? Now it can.”

The new feature automatically refreshes data, conserves battery life, and backs up a Mac while it’s asleep. You can use Time Machine, refresh Photo Stream, download App Store updates automatically, and keep processes running all while your Mac is asleep. Recent MacBook Airs and the new MacBook Pro will support Power Nap when Mountain Lion ships next month.

Siri Dictation, iCloud Tabs, Enhanced Sharing, And More Coming In OS X Mountain Lion [WWDC12]



Apple just announced that Siri Dictation will be implemented systemwide in OS X Mountain Lion. The feature will be integrated across the OS, “even in apps like Microsoft Word.” A small dialog box with the Siri mic appears when you want to dictate.

“Now in Mountain Lion you can share right from the app where you’re working. There’s a share button on the toolbar.” Like iOS, you can share files and media with social networks like Twitter and Flickr, or send something directly to AirDrop. Want to send a tweet? Do it directly in the OS. Facebook integration will also be present in Mountain Lion.

Open browser tabs will be synced with iCloud across devices, and there’s a “Do Not Disturb” option for Notification Center.

OS X By The Numbers: 60 Million Mac Users Worldwide [WWDC12]



Craig Federighi took the stage after Phil Schiller at WWDC today to talk everything Mac. OS X Lion has been a wild success, and 40% of all Mac users run the operating system 9 months later. 26 million copies have been shipped exclusively through the Mac App Store.

There are 60 million Mac users around the world, and Apple’s market share has been rising exponentially in the desktop space over the past few years. The rest of the PC industry has seen a decline in sales.

“iCloud has taken off like a rocket with over 125 million registered users,” said Federighi. Apple also ran through tentpole features of OS X Mountain Lion that were revealed in the developer preview months ago. Some new features, such as Siri Dictation, were also announced.

Apple Updates OS X Apps For New MacBook Pro’s Retina Display [WWDC12]



Following the announcement of the revolutionary new MacBook Pro with Retina display, Apple has updated a score of OS X apps for the new screen resolution. Final Cut X can now be viewed in full 1080p on the new Pro’s 2880 x 1800 display. Professional apps like Autodesk and Adobe Photoshop will support the 220 ppi screen right out of the gate.

Mail, Safari, iMovie, iPhoto and more apps have also been updated. And… wait for it…. Diablo III is ready for Retina on the Mac. O yes.

Apple will ship a Retina-ready version of OS X Lion with the new MacBook Pro when it ships. Non-Retina apps will be pixel-doubled automatically.

New 13-Inch, 15-Inch MacBook Pro Spec Upgrade: Ivy Bridge, USB 3 [WWDC12]



Following a refresh to the MacBook Air lineup, Apple’s Phil Schiller unveiled a revamped MacBook Pro today at WWDC12. The updated machine boasts Intel Ivy Bridge 2.7GHz (turbo boosted up to 3.7GHz), USB 3.0, Nvidia GeForce GT 650m graphics, and 7 hours of battery life.

The 13-inch MacBook Pro spec upgrade costs $1199, while the 15-inch will sell for $1499. The 15-inch is offered in $1799 and $2199 models with beefier quad-core chips. The outwards design of these upgraded MacBook Pros have stayed the same.