WWDC 2011

iOS 5 Voice Control Is Still Coming, But Might Only Work With First-Party Apps



Amongst other rumors about iOS 5 that somehow just disappeared into the ether come yesterday’s WWDC 2011 keynote was the advanced Nuance-powered voice control features that has been reported extensively over the past few months. The only mention of voice recognition was a throwaway line on a slide: “Option to speak text selection.”

Is that it? What happened to the voice control that we were all promised? Don’t worry just yet: according to a couple of prominent sources, Nuance-powered voice control is still coming to iOS 5.

Mobile Safari Gets A Porn Mode In iOS 5



For those of us with snoopsome inamoratas who just can’t seem to understand that a man has needs of the flesh that simply can not be met by the conventional and must needs be profane… Mobile Safari under iOS 5 has a new Private Browsing option, which is more colloquially known as ‘Porn Mode!’

If The Best Camera is The One in Your Pocket, iOS 5’s is Effing Fantastic [WWDC 2011 Reaction]


image: Nico Kaiser/flickr

I don’t know how many times I’ve seen a famous photographer say something like “it’s not your equipment, it’s how you use it”; but they love to trot out that phrase like a dog breeder trotting out a prize poodle. And of course, they’re right. In fact, one of the most important — if not the most important — feature is that the camera is actually around for you to take the shot with — or you’ll miss the moment.  The second? That the damn thing doesn’t require much fumbling around with to operate.

The iPhone has never had any problem with the first one. And today, bam — Apple has just taken care of the second. In fact, the camera tweaks in iOS 5 should make the iPhone the most-used camera ever. Here’re the much-needed improvements, in order of grooviness.

What Do *You* See In Apple’s WWDC 2011 Invite? [Fun With Pareidolia!]



Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon that leads us to interpret a random image as somehow being informationally significant. It’s why you see Jesus in the char on the face of your morning slice of toast, and it’s why you see Kermit the Frog on Mars.

It’s also why several prominent Apple blogs think they see an S (if they squint) in Apple’s WWDC invite, heralding the arrival, perhaps, of an iPhone 4S. Or it could be a 5, proclaiming the announcement of iOS 5. If you really squint, it even looks a little like an ampersand!

Hey, this is fun. What do you see? As a little bit of pre-WWDC frivolity, tell us in the comments the wackiest thing you see in the pareidolia of the WWDC invite.

[via Razorian Fly]

This Is What To Expect From Apple’s New iCloud Music Service [Feature]


Wondering what to expect from iCloud? Here's what we think you'll see based upon iCloud's predecessor, Lala.
Wondering what to expect from iCloud? Here's what we think you'll see based upon iCloud's predecessor, Lala.

While much has been made over Apple’s uncharacteristic pre-conference spilling of the beans regarding the impending announcement of a new, web-based service called iCloud, no one really knows what this “amazing,” “fantastic” and “magical” new service is going to look, feel or sound like — and won’t — until Steve Jobs unveils it to the audience at San Francisco’s Moscone West auditorium next week.

Still, we can put together a reasonable idea of the service iCloud will provide based upon Lala, the streaming music service Apple bought back in 2009. Assuming that Apple is basing iCloud on Lala and filling in the blanks with the latest industry reports and rumors, here’s a complete overview of what we think iCloud will look like when it’s announced on Monday.

Apple’s WWDC Is Already Sold Out



That didn’t take long: Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference is already sold out — less than 12 hours after $1599 tickets went on sale.

This looks like a record. Last year, it took 8 days for WWDC to sell out.

Apple’s annual developers conference takes place June 6-10 in San Francisco. The conference will focus on iOS 5and Mac OS Lion — and Apple seems to be setting expectations that there’ll be no iPhone 5 at the show. In past years, Steve Jobs has used to the WWDC stage to introduce new iPhone hardware.

The iPhone 5 Will Debut Between June 5th and 9th at WWDC 2011


Screen shot 2011-02-07 at 10.37.19 AM

Mark your calendars: the next iPhone will be revealed sometime between June 5th and June 9th, 2011, as Apple has already booked those dates at the Moscone Center in San Francisco for this year’s WWDC.

Although the Moscone Center’s website officially lists the early June event name as a “Corporate Meeting,” this anonymous description is usually deployed by Moscone Center management to refer to Apple events.

Apple’s next iPhone is traditionally announced at each year’s WWDC event held at the Moscone Center sometime in June.