Apple Worm Case Is More Like A Caterpillar




If I cut out the middle of a sentence from the Indiegogo page for the Apple Worm case, I get the following nugget of comedy gold:

You may need a phone holder […] at any time when you […] go to toilet, etc. Our “Apple Worm” can meet all your needs.

But aside from the toilet/worms gags, the case looks pretty handy.

Upcoming Worms 3 Is Headed To iOS Exclusively In Q3 2013



Classic video game series, Worms, is getting a new installment on iOS in Q3 of this year with Worms 3 set to blast its way to the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch in a couple of months.

Interestingly, Developer Team 17 has made this one as an iOS exclusive, skipping other platforms it’s been on since the first Worms came out in 1995, like the Mac, PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and various handheld gaming devices.

The new game follows up the 1997 Worms 2 game, making Worms 3 a hotly anticipated title for iOS, indeed, as there have only been a bunch of add-on and experimental 3D games in the series since then.