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Microsoft just won’t let Clippy die


It looks like you're digging a shallow grave. Would you like help?
Shockingly, Microsoft’s Clippy has fans. and they’re responsible for bringing it back — in a limited form.
Image: Microsoft

Windows users can’t escape Clippy. The much hated personal assistant is coming back. Fortunately, it’ll be far less prominent than back in 1997. And Mac users won‘t have to see it at all.

Apple has made its share of mistakes over the years. But few of these can compare to Clippy’s irritating attempts to help people using Microsoft Office.

New emoji will let you salute, melt, gasp and tear up


New emoji will let you salute, melt, gasp and tear up
These are just some of the proposed emoji that could be coming to your iPhone or Mac.
Graphic: Emojipedia

Soon there could be new emoji that let you show you are melting, have a low battery or are feeling ambivalent or teary-eyed. These and more are on the list for approval in Emoji 14.0. But they might not appear in iPhones and other devices until 2022.

The list appears with World Emoji Day coming July 17.

Why Apple needs to fix the medical mask emoji ASAP [Opinion]


The medical mask emoji needs an update for 2020.
The medical mask emoji has way too much in common with the disappointed face emoji.
Photo: Apple/Cult of Mac

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, when wearing a face mask slows the spread of this disease, Apple really must change its medical mask emoji. It seems like a small tweak, but it’s important.

Currently, the face shown is unhappy about having to wear a mask. The design needs to show the person is glad to do their part.

Apple previews fun new emoji coming in iOS 14


iOS 14 emoji include a ninja, the transgender symbol, and an Italian gesture.
The are just some of the emoji coming in iOS 14.
Photo: Apple

Friday is World Emoji Day, and the celebration wouldn’t be complete without Apple unveiling the new additions coming to iPhone, iPad and Mac. Highlights of the iOS 14 emoji include ninjas, the transgender symbol, and a certain Italian hand gesture.

But the complicated process emoji have to get through before reaching our phones means there aren’t any timely ones, like more people wearing masks.

Here’s how Apple execs stack up with their Memojis


From corporate to cartoon, these Apple execs gave themselves Memoji facials.
Photo: Apple

If Jony Ive was going for that Wanted Poster look for his executive profile picture, he now looks like an adorable puppy thanks to Memoji.

Never has the leadership page on Apple’s website been so fun to peruse as today when executives used the new Memoji feature in iOS 12 to create the cartoonish avatars to celebrate World Emoji Day.

Apple goes emoji crazy on World Emoji Day


Apple's got some new emoji coming to Mac and iOS.
Photo: Apple

Today is World Emoji Day, and to celebrate humankind’s successful reduction of language into 2,000+ tiny pictograms, Apple has shared images of some of the new emoji coming to iOS, macOS and watchOS later this year.

Oh, and it’s launched a pretty awesomely creative promotion in iTunes as well!