Working from home? These apps will help you stay productive [Deals]


WFH Apps
Scoop up four apps to make the most of your work from home time.
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Working from home is the new normal. It’s probably going to be that way for a while, so we’ve rounded up four apps to help you stay productive in your new, all-too-familiar office. They include a powerful app launcher, a tool for blocking distracting websites, task managers and more.

How to work from home without losing your mind


Telecommuting tips: Who wants to go to an office when they can work from home like this?
Who wants to go to an office when they can work like this?
Photo: Nathan Riley/Unsplash

Thanks to the rapidly spreading COVID-19 virus, lots of people are being told to work from home. And that’s good, work-wise, because working from home can be relaxing, highly productive and, of course, very convenient. But depending on your family situation, your home layout and your guilty stress from feeling like you’re not doing enough, it also can be a nightmare.

Most of the Cult of Mac team works from home, so I asked for their top telecommuting tips. Here they are.