This modular iPad setup is overloaded with options [Setups]


iPad Pro Setup
iPad setups are possible, and preferable, with the right stuff.
Photo: @appletechgadgets

iPad setups are often seen as limiting and hard to work with. They require a lot of accessories and peripherals. They do have some advantages though, besides a lower price point. They are more versatile and travel-friendly. And as iPads are getting bigger and more powerful, iPad-based setups are becoming less bohemian.

Photographer Ryszard Sikorski has one of the cleanest setups I have seen. He actually finds an iPad setup quite liberating. “What I like is that I can use [the iPad] how I need it,” he said. “It’s not static.”

This setup will get cinematographers drooling [Setups]


iMac Pro Setup
The camera manages to outshine the UltraFine.
Photo: @benhessfilms

Ben Hess is a professional cinematographer — and he has the gear to prove it. He rocks an iMac Pro that’s hooked up to a 27-inch LG 5K UltraFine Monitor, giving him acres of premium screen real estate.

But the highlight of this rig is not the $5,000 computer or the $1,300 screen. It’s his $27,000 Red Gemini Camera and $5,000 lens. Hess comes to play. The Red Gemini is top-shelf, and an Atlas anamorphic lens gives him the eye of a hawk.

Cool work-from-home Mac setups show how to survive COVID-19 lockdown in style


Instagram post on working from home
Dog and a fireplace sold separately.
Screenshot: coreyprol/Instagram

Many professionals around the world are getting their first taste of working from home as the world tries to slam the door on the spread of COVID-19. Some, like me, will make the adjustment within the first five minutes. Self-isolation is something you can get used to.

Others, though, will feel a little lost.

Inspiration is a click away, thanks to thousands of Apple users posting pictures of their work-from-home setups on Instagram.