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Use An Apple Wireless Keyboard With Your iPhone Or iPad? You Need The WINGStand [Review]



The WINGStand, from the guys at BiteMyApple, is another accessory that was born on Kickstarter. It allows you to combine your iPad, iPad mini, and iPhone with your Apple Wireless Keyboard in the simplest way possible — without carrying additional an additional stand, dock, or case.

Simply attach the WINGStand clips to the back of your keyboard — they cling onto its battery compartment — and they form a stand in which you can sit your iOS devices. As you can see from the photograph above, the two almost merge into one to create a pretty little computer that’s perfect for getting things done on the go.

When you’ve finished working, simply pull the WINGStand clips off your keyboard, clip them together, and throw them in your bag.

The WINGStand is available in white and “eco friendly” black and it costs just $15. Is it worth it?