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Android & iOS Drove 13.4 Billion App Downloads, $2.2 Billion Revenue In Q1 2013



The App Store and Google Play continued to drive mobile app downloads during the first quarter of 2013, while BlackBerry World and the Windows Phone Store remain “distant challengers.”

That’s according to the latest figures from Canalys, which say a whopping 13.4 billion apps were downloaded across these four stores over the last three months, raking in $2.2 billion in app sales, in-app purchases, and subscriptions.

O2 Launches TU Go, A New Internet Calling & Messaging Service For Android & iOS



British carrier O2 has today launched a new VoIP and messaging service called TU Go, which is available to its pay monthly customers with Android and iOS devices. The service allows users to make calls and send texts over the Internet, so even when they have no cell reception, they can connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot and get in touch with friends and family.

Woz: Apple’s Dangerously Close To Losing Its Cool



Steve Wozniak, who co-founded Apple alongside Steve Jobs back in 1976, believes the Cupertino company still has the ability to determine the future of consumer electronics, despite increasing competition from its rivals. He admits, however, that the company may be losing its edge, and that it increasingly needs to rely on its premium brand.

Apple Co-Founder Says The iPhone Is ‘Somewhat Behind’ Android


Woz loves Android even though he co-founded Apple

Steve Wozniak says the darnest things. Even though he’s the co-founder of Apple, and was one of Steve Jobs’ best friends, he’s not afraid to say what’s on his mind when he’s thinking something negative about Apple.

In a recent interview with the German newspaper Wirtschafts Woche, Woz says that even though Apple’s fans are very loyal, the iPhone is starting to fall behind the competition.

iPhone And Android Took 92% Of Global Smartphone Shipments In Q4 2012



When it comes to buying a smartphone right now, there are pretty much only two choices – Android or iPhone. Yeah, you could go buy a Windows Phone or a BlackBerry if you really want to, but no one else is.

Both the iPhone and Android ecosystems are growing so fast that competitors can’t catch up. According to the latest figures from Strategy Analytics, 92% of all global smartphone shipments in Q4 of 2012 where either an iPhone or Android.

Tonido Gives Your Mobile Device Direct Access To Every File Stored On Your Mac & PC



Tonido, a new service from CodeLathe, is a great way to access the music, movies, photos, and documents you have stored on your Mac or PC using another computer, or an Android or iOS device. Unlike cloud-based storage services, which require you to upload your content just to download it again, Tonido turns your computer into your storage locker and then provides other devices with direct access to it.

It’s easy to set up, and you sync up to 2GB of data without paying a penny.