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Tim Cook: We’re Not Against Porting Apps To Android, But We Still Won’t Do It



During a Q&A session at D11 last night, Tim Cook was asked whether Apple would ever port any of its apps to rival platforms like Android or Windows Phone. His response was somewhat surprising; Cook said that Apple wasn’t against porting apps and services to other platforms — if it made sense.

The only problem is, Cook doesn’t believe that it does make sense.

Nearly Three In Every Four Smartphones Sold Are Running Android [Report]



Nearly three in every four smartphones sold during the first quarter of 2013 were running Android, according to the latest statistics from the analysts at Gartner. Google’s operating system grabbed a whopping 74% of the market share during the three-month period, while Apple’s iOS came in second with 18.2%.

Companies choosing to build Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and Symbian powered devices might want to look away now.

Android Powers Almost 60% Of All Mobile Devices Sold, iOS Just 19.3%



Android doesn’t look like it’s about to lose any of its market share to competing platforms any time soon. During the first quarter of 2013, Google’s platform powered a whipping 59.9% of all smart mobile devices sold as total shipments hit 308.7 million units.

Apple’s iOS, on the other hand, was installed on just 19.3% of devices — despite the success of its iPhones and iPads.

Apple & Samsung Face Off In New Windows Phone Commercial [Video]



It looks like Microsoft has been taking a sneaky peek at Samsung’s guide to marketing. Rather than touting new features or specifications in its latest Windows Phone commercial, the company has taken to bashing the competition instead.

The minute-long clip sees Apple face off against Samsung during a massive wedding brawl as the two companies trade insults over smartphones.

Microsoft’s Head Of Windows Phone Says Apple Lacks Sense Of Urgency


Windows Phone 8

If you can’t beat ’em, talk trash.

That’s seems to be the popular sentiment among technologies most powerful companies, and Microsoft’s head executive for Windows Phone has been all too happy to do a little ribbing on Apple and Android lately.

At the All Things D conference yesterday, Terry Myerson,  took to the stage to talk about the future of Windows Phone, but he also took a few shots at Apple and Google during the interview and said that iOS is “boring.”

Google Is In Talks To Buy WhatsApp For $1 Billion [Rumor]



There are a couple of cross-platform messaging apps that will help you bridge the divide between your friends on iOS and Android, but over the last year, WhatsApp has become the most popular option, and it’s caught the attention of Google.

A new report claims that Google is in talks to buy WhatsApp for $1 billion, but the talks have been going on for four or five weeks and haven’t been finalized yet.