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Today in Apple history: Raging success of Windows 95 gets Cupertino worried


Windows 95 banner
Which OS were you using in 1995?
Photo: Microsoft

September 6: Today in Apple history: Windows 95's success gets Cupertino worried September 6, 1995: The newly launched Windows 95 operating system dominates software sales, sending virtually every other company scurrying for cover — Apple included.

Microsoft’s $85 PC operating system only went on sale at the end of August. But by early September, the company reportedly sells a massive 1.63 million copies of Windows 95, according to excited analysts. It represents a massive triumph for Apple’s biggest rival of the 1990s.

You can now run Windows 95 as an app on your Mac


Windows 95 Mac app
It's easier than ever.
Photo: Felix Rieseberg

Take a trip down memory lane by loading up Windows 95 on your Mac. Play classic Solitaire and Minesweeper, and soak up the experience once enjoyed by nearly 70 percent of computer owners in the late ’90s.

It’s easier than ever, thanks to a new app built by Slack developer Felix Rieseberg.

Hacker puts Windows 95 on Apple Watch for some reason


Windows 95 on Apple Watch
Yep. That is definitely Windows 95 on Apple Watch.
Photo: Nick Lee

We’ve seen a lot of people do a lot of things with Apple’s debut wearable, but one hacker wasn’t satisfied merely to summon the ghosts of ancient first-party mobile and desktop operating systems. No, hacker Nick Lee set himself the goal of putting the venerable Windows 95 on Apple Watch.

Lee set out on the project out of nostalgia for the computer he grew up with in the ’90s (oh, kids), and he succeeded by patching some files in the native WatchKit development framework to sneak in his own app. In this case, that app was the 20-year-old disk image. And it works, provided you have a bit of time to wait for the new system to boot up.

Seriously, it takes a while. See it in action in the video below.

Chinese programmer installs Windows 95 on iPhone 6


The iPhone 6 now runs Windows 95. Photo: XYQ058775
The iPhone 6 now runs Windows 95. Photo: XYQ058775

The iPhone 6 is the best smartphone Apple’s ever created, but for those that think iOS is starting to look a little old and dated, a Chinese programmer has figured out how to install an entirely new operating system over iOS. Unfortunately, it’s Windows 95.

Chinese programmer xyq058775 posted the picture above as proof that he finagled Microsoft’s ancient OS onto the enormous display of the iPhone 6. To pull off the trick, the programmer used a tool called iDos, which simulates the 16-bit DOS environment.

Everything worked great, he says, except he discovered he couldn’t upgrade to Windows XP. If you’d like to take the plunge on your iPhone, you can grab the full instructions from his post (as long as you can read Chinese).

Via: Techcrunch