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Should Apple abandon original video? [Friday Night Fight]


Will Carpool Karaoke: The Series be Apple's first hit?
Will Carpool Karaoke: The Series be Apple's first hit?
Photo: Apple

This coming Tuesday Apple is set to debut its newest original TV show Carpool Karaoke: The Series, but with Planet of the Apps being such a dud, some of us at Cult of Mac are questioning whether Apple has anything to gain by making mediocre TV shows.

During Apple’s Q3 earnings call this week, Tim Cook said Apple will continue to explore original content for Apple Music. Can Apple actually make great TV shows, or is it losing focus on what’s more important?

Join us in this week’s Friday Night Fight as we discuss Apple’s media ambitions:

James Corden and Will Smith star in new Carpool Karaoke trailer


carpool karaoke ad
Smith and Corden had too much fun making this episode.
Photo: Apple Music

The official debut of Carpool Karaoke: The Series is just a few days away but music fans can get an early taste of episode one in the latest ad released by Apple.

Will Smith will be the first guest on the new show with creator James Corden singing along behind the wheel. Apple’s teaser for the episode shows The Fresh Prince busting out some of his classic songs along with getting down to other artists like R. Kelly.

Check it out:

Apple’s Carpool Karaoke show will roll with a new host each episode


Carpool Karaoke
Missy and Michelle be puttin' it down in Carpool Karaoke.
Photo: CBS Studios

Instead of having a single host, Apple’s upcoming TV show Carpool Karaoke will put someone new in the driver’s seat each episode.

The company also plans to add more interview elements to the show, which was created by Late Late Show host James Corden. The show will pair different musicians and celebrities for each of the first 16 episodes during Season 1.

Golden Globes loves Steve Jobs even if nobody else does


Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs movie is coming to Netflix
Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs movie is coming to Netflix
Photo: François Duhamel/©2015 Universal Studios

It may not have done well at the box office, but Steve Jobs is poised to make a huge splash this award season.

The film picked up four Golden Globe nominations when the Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced the candidates this morning. The association loved the Aaron Sorkin flick so much they made it the second-most nominated movie for the prestigious award show set to take place on January 10th.

Watch Will Smith and Jimmy Fallon beatbox on an iPad



Jimmy Fallon is backed by the best band on late night TV, but when it came time for the Tonight Show host to get funky performing a hip-hop classic with Will Smith, Jimmy ditched The Roots and busted out his iPad once again.

Fallon has been no stranger to kicking out tasty jams with music legends on an iPad. He created an phenomenal doo-wop number last year with Billy Joel, but with the Fresh Prince in his guest chair, Jimmy decided to kick it old school and created an beatbox version of “It Takes Too” on the spot.

Check out the duo’s awesome beatboxing in the video below:

Hollywood romance: 18 most iconic Apple cameos in cinema


Apple is definitely ready for its closeup.

Toy Story 3

Pixar films are always generous with their Apple product placements. Maybe it's because they're so simple a toy can use them, which is exactly what happens in Toy Story 3 when Woody uses Bonnie's Mac to Google directions back to Andy's house.

You've Got Mail

Meg Ryan's PowerBook was such a crucial plot point in You've Got Mail that it was visible for nearly four minutes of the 119-minute-long romantic comedy. The other 115 minutes might have been filled with a repeating loop of the AOL chime for all we know.

Modern Family

Phil Dunphy’s love of the Apple has been a reoccuring theme on Modern Family, but the best episode of all was when Steve Jobs and Jesus conspired to have the launch of the iPad fall on his birthday.

Independence Day

A Mac saves the world from imminent alien annihilation in Independence Day. His holiness Steve Jobs couldn't have written a better plot to glorify his creation's powers than Jeff Goldblum’s brilliant intergalactic hackery, powered by a PowerBook 5300.


In the terrorist-soaked world of Jack Bauer’s 24, the war of Mac versus PC is almost literal. The Washington Post notes that all the good guys on the show use Macs and the baddies are stuck on PCs, but some of the heroes eventually adopted HPs later in the series.

30 Rock

Liz Lemon and Jack Donaghy have had an iFest on NBC’s 30 Rock, with one episode's plot using Find My iPhone to locate Liz's lost device, while Alex Baldwin is always showing people pictures on his iPhone.

Friends With Benefits

I imagine Justin Timberlake's charms usually circumvent the necessity to swear an oath of unholy platonic sex with right hand on an iPad Bible app, but in Friends with Benefits, Mila Kunis swings him into it. But it was just a fake bible so it was totally cool to break the promise later.

The Big Bang Theory

The physics geeks of The Big Bang Theory have been spotted using MacBooks from time to time but the love affair started in the first season when roommates Leonard and Sheldon were playing a MMORPG with friends. Though all the computers are covered with stickers, it looks like the only Mac user at the time was university researcher Raj.

House of Cards

What does the most conniving, vengeful man in Washington, D.C., use to run his quest for political domination? Apple, of course. And it's not just Francis Underwood. Reporter Kloe Barnes is also spotted throughout House of Cards getting scoops from her iPhone, even as death comes barreling through the subway.

Sex and the City

Carrie Bradshaw introduced millions of women to the coolness of Macs, thanks to the trusty PowerBook G3 she used to write her weekly column. It was due to the popularity of Sex and the City that el Jobso may have eventually relented on having the logo flipped around so it'd look right-side up when you see someone using it.

Legally Blonde

Before every hipster college student was toting a MacBook into the lecture hall, Reese Witherspoon's fashion-obsessed character in Legally Blonde absolutely had to have Jony Ive's unapologetically sherbet iBook in class to match her threads. Apple has ditched the colorful plastic, but MacBooks have only gotten more popular on campus.

Back To The Future

In the opening minutes of 1989’s Back to the Future II, Marty McFly lands in 2015, where hover-cars loom, Jaws 19 in 3D plays in movie theaters and folks sport layered outfits that only a daltonic could love. In an antiques store, Michael J. Fox does a double take over a “vintage” Mac sitting next to other '80s relics like a Dustbuster and a bottle of Perrier.

Men In Black 2

To retrieve vital info from that could save Earth from an intergalactic disaster, Men in Black II’s Will Smith decides to use an illegal deneuralizer. Of course getting his hands on one requires making a deal with Jeebs, whose rickety setup is cobbled together with a food mixer, a house fan and some stolen A/V gear -- all controlled with an iMac G3.

The Proposal

After her cellphone gets stolen by an eagle in The Proposal, Sandra Bullock's character picks up a replacement at the town general store and then goes to the only Internet cafe around to find all of her 37 urgent messages using an iMac G3 connected to civilization via a coin-operated modem.

Zack and Miri Make a Porno

Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks look to solve their cash-flow problems in Zack and Miri Make a Porno by making adult films on their clamshell MacBook. The movie also had a part for Justin Long — “Get a Mac” Apple adman — as a gay porno star, leaving at least one person to suggest the actor is an Apple endorsement, too.

The Office

In The Office, Dunder Mifflin's computer of choice was Apple for years during the early seasons before HP eventually bought up some promotional rights. Wanting to be the world's coolest boss, Michael Scott bought a video iPod for the White Elephant gift exchange in the Christmas episode, while MacBooks lingered around the conference room and other desks later in the series.


The blissful stupidity of Derek Zoolander and Hansel still gets us stoked for Orange Mocha Frappuccinos and gas station fuel-pump fights, but the male model duo took tech problems to all new heights in Zoolander as they struggled to open the iMac G3 carrying the files to stop Mugatu.

Stephen Colbert

The new host of The Late Show is taking his Apple obsession with him. Stephen Colbert's been spotted pimping Apple products across the country, from toting iPads at the Grammys to posting selfies with the great Dave Letterman himself.

Hollywood loves Apple almost as much as it loves itself.

The passionate affair burned for decades before Samsung came snapping celebrity selfies with Ellen at the Oscars and dishing out enough paid endorsements to finance the next Star Wars trilogy.

Apple plans to fight back with its own buzz marketer in New York to keep its products in the hands of the elite and glamorous. But Cupertino has never had a problem getting its products on the big screen and into the coolest TV shows — even though Apple swears it doesn’t pay a dime for product placements. Here are 18 of the most iconic Apple cameos to hit the screen.

Siri Thinks The Three Laws Of Robotics Start With “Clean Your Room”




The Three Laws of Robotics are supposed to save humankind from an evil robotic uprising. It didn’t really work that way for Will Smith in iRobot, and based on Siri’s answer to the question, “What are the three laws?” we’re probably screwed as well because she doesn’t know them either.

If you ask Siri, “what are the three laws” she’ll respond with the following:

  1. Clean up your room
  2. Don’t run with scissors
  3. Always wait a half hour after eating before going in the water.

Sometimes she’ll even give you a fourth law:

Protect New York From The Scum Of The Universe In Men In Black 3, Out Now For Android & iOS



Let’s be honest, at some point we’ve all dreamt about dusting off our funeral suit and fighting aliens with Will Smith as a Men in Black agent. Thanks to Gameloft, that dream is now a reality… on your Android or iOS device.

Men in Black 3, the official game of one of this year’s biggest action blockbusters, is now available from the App Store and Google Play, giving you the opportunity to create and manage your own MiB agency and protect New York from the scum of the universe — for free.