Wikipedia Drops Google Maps In Favor Of OpenStreetMap For Use In Its Mobile Apps



You can add another name to the list of companies dropping Google Maps in favor of OpenStreetMap. When Wikipedia announced its new app for iOS today, they also announced that they would be using OpenStreetMap exclusively for the nearby view in both their iOS and Android mobile apps. Wikipedia feels this change will be a better fit for their goal of making knowledge available in a free and open manner to everyone.

This also means we no longer have to use proprietary Google APIs in our code, which helps it run on the millions of cheap Android handsets that are purely open source and do not have the proprietary Google applications.


Dolphin Sonar gives you complete control over your browser using only your voice.
Dolphin Sonar gives you complete control over your browser using only your voice.

Encyclopedia Britannica Closes Printing Presses, Focuses On iOS App


Macbook 1
Computing devices are the new encyclopedias. Sort of.
Photo: Apple

Encyclopedia Britannica is the oldest English encyclopedia still in production, with roots dating all the way back to 1768. If you went to school before the dawn of Wikipedia, you might have fond memories of rummaging through Britannica’s pages while researching a sixth-grade report.

Sadly, the 32-volume printed edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica will no longer be published, as the company focuses on presenting its content digitally.

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Wikipedia Going Dark In a Few Hours, Here Are The Apps You Need to Survive the Blackout


The anti-SOPA forces banner; you might be seeing this quite a bit tomorrow.

If you need information from Wikipedia, you’d best get it very quickly; in just a few hours, at 9 P.M. PST (5:00 UTC for our European readers), a coalition of sites across the web — including Wikipedia’s English site, Boing Boing and Reddit — will go dark for a day, displaying this page instead of their usual home pages.