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White iPhone 4 Discovered With Expose-Like Multitasking, New Spotlight Search, 64GB Storage



An iPhone 4 running a “test version” of iOS has been discovered by Vietnamese site tinhte.vn, and reveals a new Expose-like multitasking UI and a revamped Spotlight search function. Two videos published by the site demonstrate these new features, along with some pretty interesting hardware in the form a white, 64GB iPhone 4.

In this test version of iOS, double-tapping the home button displays your multitasking applications in a manner similar to that of Expose on your Mac. Instead of icons for the applications you have running – like you currently see in iOS 4 – you see a preview window for each application.

Did UK Carrier Three Reveal White iPhone 4’s Launch Date?



For some time yesterday, UK carrier Three gave customers the opportunity to purchase the white iPhone 4 through its website for delivery on Wednesday, April 20th. The carrier later removed the listing as news spread over the web, but was this simply an error, or did Three just reveal the device’s launch date?

Well, recent reports have suggested that the device is now in production, and will launch by the end of April. Although Apple is yet to give customers an official date, it may have provided this information to carriers.

Having said that, we still think someone at Three made a slight cock up, and that this listing means nothing. It’s not the first time the carrier has listed the device on its website either; back in January the white iPhone 4 appeared on Three’s website, thought it was listed as “out of stock.”

[via 9to5 Mac]

White iPhone 4 to Launch April 26th?



Not so long ago, Apple removed all images of the white iPhone 4 from its website and it seemed for a brief period that the device would never launch. While rumors turned to the iPhone 5, the white device seemed to have been disregarded. That period didn’t last very long, and speculation about the device is now very much in full flow once again.

Last week Apple confirmed that the white iPhone 4 would launch this spring, while a Bloomberg report claimed that it could launch before the end of April.

It now seems April 26th could be the special day. In an exclusive report, iPhoneItalia (Google translation) cites information they have received from a “reliable source,” who has confirmed the device will arrive on that date.

So, if you’re still waiting, you have another date to pencil into your calendar. However, we’d suggest that you don’t start camping out in front of stores just yet.

White iPhone 4 to Launch by End of April



Following a long 10-month delay, the wait for Apple’s white iPhone 4 could soon be over, according to three people with knowledge of the company’s plans. The device will be available through both AT&T and Verizon Wireless and will launch by the end of April.

A Bloomberg report on Wednesday cites three people who are familiar with Apple’s plans, while another report published on Thursday by Reuters cites two more who also claim the white iPhone 4 is currently in production.

A bout of manufacturing challenges have delayed the device – which is rumored to have included paint that becomes discolored and peels under heat, light leakage into the camera, and light leakage out of the case – the device that many thought would never see the light of day could finally be released from the Foxconn factory.

Despite a message on Twitter last month from Apple’s vice president Phil Schiller, confirming the white device would be available this spring, the recent removal of any image depicting the device from Apple’s website fuelled rumors that the handset would not be launching.

[via AppleInsider]

Why Wait? Get The White iPhone 4 Now With This Great Conversion Kit [Review]



Even though the white iPhone 4 is supposedly on track for this Spring, why wait?

If you already own an iPhone 4, you can upgrade from black to white for just $150. BigShoulderDevices.com supplies all the parts you need to completely transform your current black iPhone 4 into a white one. The parts are so good, I suspect some of them may come from Apple through the back door.

There are a couple of issues, but is it worth the money? Continue reading to find out! Hint: The white iPad 2 plus the white iPhone 4 is a truly beautiful combination.

Woz Confirms White iPhone 4 Delay Due to Camera Light Leakage



Confirming our exclusive report back in October, Woz says the white iPhone 4 weas delayed because of light leakage into the camera, ruining photos.

But not to worry, the white iPhone 4 is coming soon Woz told the Engadget Show last night.

Rumors suggest Apple has fixed the light leakage issue with new paint, and the white iPhone 4 has recently been showing up in inventory systems at AT&T and Best Buy.

Via VentureBeat.

White iPhone 4 Issues Fixed With New Paint?



The white iPhone’s light-leakage issues may have been fixed with a new kind of paint, the Japanese site Macotakara reports.

As previously reported exclusively by CultofMac.com, the white iPhone 4 was delayed because light leaks into the camera ruining photos, especially when the internal flash is used.

According to the Macotakara, Apple has partnered with an unnamed Japanese company that has developed a “miracle painting material.” The new paint helps Apple control the thickness prior to application, solving the light-leakage issues. However, the Japanese blog posts gives new meaning to the term ‘vague.’ Details are scarce.

Either way, the white iPhone 4 looks to be launching soon. The device has already appeared in both wireless carriers’ websites in the U.K.

Via 9to5Mac.

White iPhone 4 Listed on Three & Orange Websites in U.K.


Orange White iPhone

More evidence to suggest Apple’s elusive white iPhone 4 is coming this spring has appeared in the U.K. today, as operators Three and Orange are now listing the white device on their websites. Although both websites are showing the device as “unavailable” or “out of stock,” the fact that they’ve been added to the inventory reinforces hopes that the device is on its way.

This discovery follows news earlier today that AT&T is also listing the white iPhone 4 in its ‘Online Account Management System’, suggesting once again that the device will be available soon. AT&T also give no indication to the device’s availability, however, many are expecting a late February or early March release.

Apple has been promising the white iPhone since its launch 7 months ago, but following several delays and countless rumors regarding manufacturing issues and imperfections, the device is still yet to be made available.

If the white iPhone 4 does show its face late next month, what does this say about the iPhone 5 expected to be announced this June? Although there is still demand for the iPhone 4, it seems strange to me that Apple would still go ahead and release the white device just several months before announcing the next-generation iPhone.

Apple Store Signs Confirm White iPhone 4 Spring Debut



I have a bet for my pinky finger with a certain man from the south that Apple will never release the white iPhone 4.

What’s the point? After long delays caused by light leaking onto the camera sensor, the white iPhone 4 has been delayed nearly nine months… and the next-gen iPhone is, at best, due out a mere three months after the white iPhone 4 is set to debut. At that point, anyone who wants one is going to just wait for a white iPhone 5.

I’d always assumed Apple was just hoping that delaying it until spring of 2011 would just get everyone to forget about the white iPhone 4, but their latest official signage at Apple Stores around the country reminds people that the albino iPhone 4 is still coming.

Crap. Maybe I’m about to lose that pinky bet after all.

Teenager Who Made Small Fortune On White iPhone 4s Shuts Site


white-iphone-4 (1)

The New York teenager who made a small fortune making white iPhone 4s has shut down his website.

“We have closed the site, possibly permanently,” said Lam, 17, in an email to CultofMac.com.

It’s not clear why Lam shut the whiteiPhone4now.com website down. He didn’t elaborate. But Apple is the obvious suspect. Lam has already received a threatening letter from a private investigator representing Apple, who accused Lam of “selling stolen goods.”

Lam reportedly earned more than $130,000 delivering white iPhone 4s using grey market parts.