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What’s on my iPhone 7: Videographer edition


iPhone SE 2 is expected to arrive in early 2020.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

If you’re new to iPhone, or you’ve recently upgraded to a new model, you might be wondering if you’re missing out on great apps. In this video, we’ll show you some of the terrific titles Cult of Mac video maker Ste Smith is using on his iPhone 7.

You’ll find apps for controlling your smart and home security devices, losing the weight you put on over Easter, keeping an eye on your data usage, and a lot more!

What’s on my iPhone SE? Take a look


What's on Ste's iPhone
Feeling nosey? Take a tour around my iPhone.
Photo: Ste Smith / Cult of Mac

The iPhone is one of the most personal devices around, with so many apps out there that there’s near limitless scope for customizing the device with whatever tools we need to make it fit our requirements.

With that in mind, here are the apps that I’m currently running on my iPhone SE. Looking for some tips on what to download for Apple’s latest smartphone? Interested in a tour to see what your favorite Liverpudlian Cult of Mac team member has on his handset?

Whatever your reasons, check out my latest video below.

What’s on my iPhone 6? Glad you asked.



One thing that makes iPhones so great is how each one can be so different, thanks to all the applications available, the many different ways to organize your home screen and all the other customization options that help you make Apple’s smartphone your own.

In today’s Cult of Mac video, I’ll show you what’s on my iPhone 6. You’ll find out how I keeps my iPhone organized, which apps I use most and more.

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