What Some Popular Apps Might Look Like When Redesigned For iOS 7



Whether you love or hate iOS 7’s new parallax’d, flat and layered look, there’s no denying that most apps will need to undergo some big redesigns to fit in with the new UI Jony Ive’s presented.

iOS 7 doesn’t come out until later this fall, giving developers plenty of time to update their UI to the new vision. Rather than wait to see what developers come up with for iOS 7, one Tumblr account has started collecting iOS 7 redesign ideas for some of the most popular apps on the App Store.

Here are what some of your favorite apps might look like once they get an iOS 7 makeover:

Free Chat App Messaging Has Officially Overtaken Costly SMS In Popularity



Carriers have made a killing over the last decade by charging customers absurd rates on SMS texting plans, but the times are quickly changing.

To avoid SMS fees, smartphone users have embraced free chat app messaging via apps like iMessage, WhatsApp, and Kik. As a result, SMS is starting to die a slow, and hopefully painful death, because free app messaging has officially overtake SMS as the most popular way to text message on a smartphone.