The first folding smartphone is already here


Royale's new FlexPai folding tablet.
Photo: Royale

The future’s promise to give us folding smartphone-tablet hybrids like the ones found on Westworld has already arrived.

Apple fans will have to wait until 2020 at the earliest for a folding iPhone, but an Android manufacturer called Royole just debuted its folding smartphone and while it doesn’t look that incredible, it’s an amazing sign that the sci-fi tech might finally be ready for mass-market devices.

Take a look:

Microsoft plans to take on iPhone with folding dual screen Surface


Microsoft Andromeda
Microsoft's pocketable device might look something like this.
Photo: David Breyer

The iPhone might be about to get some fresh competition from Apple’s oldest rival in the tech scene.

Microsoft has reportedly been working on a mysterious new Surface device codenamed Andromeda. The device has supposedly been in development for the last two years and features a dual-display design that can fold to fit into your pocket.

Westworld game lets you try and manage your own robot theme park


The brilliant series in on its way to iOS as a simulation game.
Photo: Westworld

Like a whole lot of folks, I’m a massive fan of Westworld, the HBO TV series which depicts a wild west-themed amusement park, staffed by futuristic robots.

A new game, coming to iOS, promises to bring that same experience to our pockets. No, it doesn’t let you play as a guest, living out your wildest gunslinger fantasies — but instead takes the form of a simulation game, in which you’re tasked with running the park. Check out the intriguing (if ambiguous) trailer below.

Apple exec Eddy Cue joins SXSW 2018 speaker lineup


Eddy Cue
Apple VP Eddy Cue runs Apple's media business.
Photo: CNBC

The 2018 SXSW Conference is adding a fresh crop of faces to its speaker lineup this year, including one of Apple’s most popular executives.

Apple media boss Eddy Cue is set to make an appearance at the annual conference that’s a celebration of music, tech, movies and TV. All of which are areas Apple is planning to dominate in 2018.