Indie Movie “Welcome to Macintosh” Makes it To iTunes




We’re big fans of the unauthorized doc “Welcome to Macintosh” — a true love letter to the history of Apple and its community.

Now this indie film is available on iTunes.

Well, it’s also available on Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, Netflix etc., but we love the idea that what is a totally handmade film (tagline: “a documentary for the rest of us”) is now worthy of being sold by Apple.

As the makers say:

“Make no mistake, this film is about as independent as you can get. No studio, no bankroll, just two dedicated Apple fans and their credit cards,  says Rob Baca, one of the film’s co-directors. “The result has been life-changing for the both of us,” adds Josh Rizzo, co-director of the film. “We have received a lot of support from members of the Mac Community and we could not have done this without them.”

That said, if you show a few non-Mac people, or non-computer people, this flick I’d wager a beverage of choice they will find it engaging and entertaining.

Even if you can name all the Macsperts in the above trailer, you’ll probably find it worth your while…

“Welcome to Macintosh” Doc Now on DVD



“Welcome to Macintosh” (subtitle: the documentary for the rest of us) features a mix of history and cult with interviews from ex-Apple employees, engineers and community members, shedding light on the company’s innovations, failures, cultural impact and what the future holds post co-founder Steve Jobs.

As we noted, it was announced out on DVD this fall, but the delay makes this a good bet for the Mac fanatic on your Christmas list. (Word to the wise: pre-order, since it won’t ship until mid-December).

On sale from the official site, the DVD, which costs about $20, offers three hours of extra content including extended interviews, a “making of” feature, trailers and photo journal.

The doc features a number of Macsperts including CoM’s Leander Kahney. In the trailer he speaks on design: “That’s what makes these products so beautiful, that level of comittment and dedication to the thing. To make it the best thing possible.”

Pretty things, we like.