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Build and host your dream website for less than a dollar a week [Deals]


Wix Premium
Build and host beautiful websites with one set of intuitive, powerful tools.
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There are plenty of reasons to set up a website, and just as many ways to do it. But some tools and platforms have risen to the top for their reliability, quality and price. If you’re looking to set up a site, why not start with what works?

Getting Evicted From MobileMe? Here Are The Best Alternatives [Feature]


MobileMe will be gone in less than a month. Here are the best MobileMe replacement options.
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On Sunday, MobileMe will be dead, and anyone who is still using MobileMe and not Apple’s replacement service, iCloud, will be forcibly evicted. That means anyone still using MobileMe either needs to transition to iCloud and/or copy all data stored in their MobileMe accounts to their Mac or PC. Any files stored in MobileMe’s range of services that can’t be converted to iCloud will be deleted. If you opt not to use iCloud, all data in your MobileMe account will be deleted.

Although iCloud offers several advances over MobileMe, there are some MobileMe services that don’t have direct iCloud equivalents. These include MobileMe Galleries for sharing photos and videos, website creation using Apple’s iWeb, and iDisk remote storage and file sharing. File and information sync is available using iCloud, but the functionality is implemented a bit differently than in MobileMe. In addition, users still using Snow Leopard also can’t upgrade to iCloud.

It’s a tricky problem for thousands of users. There isn’t a single online service that delivers quite the same mix of features and functionality that Apple offered with MobileMe, but by combining some apps and services, you can get pretty close to MobileMe’s feature set. We’ve gone through all of the main competitors to try to find the best services for the soon-to-be dispossessed MobileMe subscriber.

MacFlux Delivers Powerful Mac Web Design With Ease [Deals]


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The latest Cult of Mac Deals offer delivers something that ensures you can create (and publish) your own professional-looking websites without having the skills of a professional web developer. That’s because MacFlux makes it so – and we’re offering it for the starting price of just $35!

What do we mean by starting price? Simple. This Cult of Mac Deal will increase by $1 every day until the end of the sale, starting at a 65% discount ($35 sale price) and the discount will decrease to 50% ($50 sale price) over a 15 day span. This means that the earlier you buy…the more you save!