Protect Your Home For One Year With The Mobiscope Home Surveillance Starter Kit [Deals]



It shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg to keep your home or business safe. That’s where Mobiscope comes in. It makes simple, affordable and effective video surveillance available for everyone.

Mobiscope streams live video feeds from IP or web cameras to any mobile device.
Easily connect your iPhone or Android to the Mobiscope app or simply sign into your account on Mobiscope’s website to view your security network cameras or regular webcams – anywhere, anytime. And Cult of Mac Deals is offering you one year of home service and a free webcam from Mobiscope for only $99.

Videoconference With Your Dog Via iPhone Using This Bizarre Remote Treat Dispenser From Petzila


Where's the treat, dude?
Where's the treat, dude?

I love my pets, I do. I have two stubborn, cute, snorty little pugs and I consider them part of the family. That’s why I sort of snorted myself when I saw the IndieGogo project page for Petzila, an odd little videoconferencing gadget that purports to let you connect to your pampered pooch via the magic of the internet and your iPhone.

The Petzila lets you see and talk to your doggy friend, and even dispense a treat with a tap on your iPhone screen. How fun is that? It’s odd, is what it is, and while I’m sure my pugs would love a magical treat from the new box on the wall, I doubt they’d know what to do with the disembodied sound of my voice coming from the speaker on the thing.

Well, that’s not true. They’d probably end up doing what they do when I stick my head out the window to call them in. They’ll look around, not see me, and then ignore the heck out of me.

Camtasia: Screencasting on the Mac with Style [Review]



One of the apps available in The Fall 2011 Mac SuperBundle offered on the Cult of Mac Deals page is Camtasia by TechSmith ($149 regularly/$99 introductory pricing, in the Mac App Store. Camtasia is a screen recording application for the Mac that has generated a lot of buzz over the years on the Windows platform, and has started to make some noise on the Mac front as well.

Camtasia is laden with features like simultaneous webcam and screen recording, contains a wide selection of effects and filters, and offers online video tutorials to help you through the process of putting together a great screencast. If you’ve ever wanted to put together a screencast, Camtasia is an incredibly simple — and yet powerful — tool to get the job done. But it’s not without its flaws.