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Apple already hard at work on iOS 16.2, iPadOS 16.2, macOS 13.1


iOS 16.2 beta 1 receded developers on Tuesday.
iOS 16.2 beta 1 is joined by new OS versions for Mac, iPad and Apple Watch all seeded to developers on Tuesday.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Major updates for all Apple operating systems just reached users on Monday, but Apple is already looking ahead to the next versions. The initial betas of iOS 16.2, macOS 13.1 Ventura, iPadOS 16.2 and watchOS 9.2 were all seeded to developers the next day.

These will bring new features and changes to the various Apple devices. Many iPad users will be especially pleased by full support for external displays. And Apple’s Freeform app is coming, too.

Get the latest OS updates to fix pesky iPhone and Apple Watch bugs


Get the latest OS updates to fix pesky iPhone and Apple Watch bugs
Install iOS 16.0.3 now to remove some irritating bugs.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Apple released iOS 16.0.3 and watchOS 9.0.2 on Monday to remove a range of small bugs. Many of these affect the new iPhone 14 series and Apple Watch models.

Both updates are recommended for those with Apple’s latest handsets and wearables, as well as who’ve already installed iOS 16 and watchOS 9.

Apple Watch Ultra gets Day 1 bug-fix update


Apple Watch Ultra
After buyers unbox the Apple Watch Ultra on Friday they can install an new watchOS version.
Photo: Apple

When the Apple Watch Ultra launches September 23 there’ll be a software update waiting for it. Apple on Thursday released watchOS 9.0.1 specifically to fix bugs in the new wearable.

Other Apple Watch models are expected to get their own update in the near future.

How watchOS 9’s Low Power Mode boosts Apple Watch battery life


watchOS 9 demo
watchOS 9 will introduce a new Low Power Mode to double your Apple Watch's battery life.
Image: Apple

Apple is introducing a new Low Power Mode in watchOS 9 to boost your Apple Watch’s battery life further. The company claims the new mode will double the Series 8’s battery life to 36 hours, and let the new Apple Watch Ultra last up to 2.5 days.

You will have to sacrifice some of the advanced features of your wearable to get the longer runtime, though.

This is when you can get iOS 16 and watchOS 9


Apple is making a multitude of changes with iOS 16.
After months of beta testing, iOS 16 is finally coming to your iPhone.
Photo: Apple

After months of beta testing, Apple on Wednesday confirmed September 12, 2022, as the final release date for iOS 16 and watchOS 9. The upcoming releases will add several new features to iPhone and Apple Watch.

How to use advanced Apple Watch sleep stage tracking


Sleep tracking on Apple Watch got much more advanced in watchOS 9.
Sleep tracking on Apple Watch got much more advanced in watchOS 9.
Image: D. Griffin Jones/Cult of Mac

If you have trouble sleeping, the Apple Watch might help you get to the bottom of what’s going on. New to watchOS 9, it can track what sleep stage you’re in. That means you can see if you’re not getting enough deep sleep or REM sleep, or if you’re waking up too often in the middle of the night. If you have insomnia or sleep apnea, this information could be very useful.

Read on to see how to use the advanced sleep stage tracking in watchOS 9.

First public betas for iOS 16, macOS Ventura arrive


First public betas for iOS 16, macOS Ventura arrive
Just can't wait to try the new iOS 16 Lock screen or Stage Manger in macOS Ventura? Now is your chance.
Photo: Apple

Anyone who wants to can now install a beta of iOS 16, macOS Ventura, iPadOS 16, watchOS 9 or tvOS 16. Until now, these have been reserved for developers.

Those who are interested should take care: these are still fairly early betas. They have bugs and are not recommended for devices that will be used daily.

WWDC22 recap: Apple revelations make our heads spin [The CultCast]


WWDC22 recap: There was much info to get through at WWDC22, no wonder Apple software chief Craig Federighi was running like the wind.
There was so much info to plow through at WWDC22, no wonder Apple software chief Craig Federighi was running like the wind.
Image: Cult of Mac
WWDC22 - Brought to you by CleanMyMac X

This week on Cult of Mac’s podcast: iOS 16 … iPadOS 16 … macOS Ventura … watchOS 9…. We’re racing as fast as we can through all Apple’s WWDC22 keynote revelations, but we’re gonna need a longer show. It’s our WWDC22 recap!

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