Paradox iPod nano Stainless Steel Watch Band Kit [Deals-Ending Soon!]



If you have one of the new touch-screen iPod nanos, then you know one of the cooler things you can do with it is to wear it as a watch. I mean all it needs is a front-facing camera and you have a Dick Tracy watch!

Of course one of the problems I’ve seen with iPod nano bands (remember I worked for an Apple retailer for a while and I saw lots and lots of samples) is that they just look…terrible. Most of the time the band is just a pop in-pop out kind of system that makes the watch band more of a wrist-mounted carry strap than a real watch band. This Paradox watch kit seems to be a horse of a different color. A kit that gives you the power of your nano in the sleekness of a watch. Hmm.

MINIMAL Will Make You The Sexiest iPod Nano Watchbands You’ll Ever See



What started off as an off-the-cuff joke by Steve Jobs at September’s iPod Event has become an actual sub-industry of the iPod accessory market as manufacturers churn out watchbands by the factory full for the new, touchscreen Nano. The only problem is the cheapness and unimaginativeness of most of these solutions: either they are cheap rubber shells to encase your Nano in or simple straps onto which you are meant to clip your Nano.

They don’t pass muster. MINIMAL’s latest, Kickstarter-funded line of iPod Nano watchbands are something different though. They’re not just functional… they’re gorgeous.