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Disney completes massive $71 billion Fox takeover


Mickey Mouse Disney Apple Watch Series 4
Disney and Apple could be a clash for the ages.
Photo: Ian Fuchs/Cult of Mac

Disney has officially completed its acquisition of 21st Century Fox, one of the biggest entertainment deals in history.

The $71 billion deal puts Disney in control of Fox’s movie and TV studios, the FX networks, National Geographic, and India’s Star India station. It also puts Disney is its strongest position yet to challenge the might of Netflix — along with whatever streaming service Apple comes up with.

Buying Disney could give Apple the magic it needs, says analyst


Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse, Circa 1930
Apple's next big purchase?
Photo: Walt Disney

RBC Capital analyst Amit Daryanani has a suggestion for how Apple could spend its cash stockpile, while also growing its presence in media: buy the Walt Disney Company.

“There are plenty of factors to consider,” Daryanani wrote in a note to investors, “but such a deal would create a tech/media juggernaut like no other and instantly scale AAPL’s services, content, and media portfolio, which would make the case for a higher valuation.”

Eddy Cue, Walter Isaacson to speak at Vanity Fair summit


Eddy Cue
Will he be wearing an Hawaiian shirt?
Photo: CNBC

Eddy Cue is among a list of high-profile speakers that will feature at this year’s New Establishment Summit held by Vanity Fair. Walter Isaacson, author of Steve Jobs’ biography, is also in the lineup, alongside Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Apple board member Bob Iger.

Walt Disney’s vision of the future forms backdrop of Tomorrowland movie


Walt Disney was a champion of science and technology and used his theme parks to promote the future. Photo: Walt Disney Studios/YouTube
Walt Disney was a champion of science and technology who used his theme parks to promote the future. Photo: Walt Disney Studios/YouTube

There was more to Walt Disney than Mickey Mouse. He was an obsessive futurist who used his theme parks to stage ideas of what a world filled with cutting-edge technology and the fruits of scientific ambition might look like.

The upcoming movie Tomorrowland is not only a nod to Disney, it re-imagines his vision with the full 21st-century CGI treatment of a world with robots, flying cars and towers reaching into the clouds.

Vintage timelapse shows Disneyland’s construction 60 years ago


Photo: Disney
Photo: Disney

Disneyland is about to celebrate its 60th anniversary on July 17th, but before Walt’s playground become one of the world’s most popular tourist attractions, it was just an ugly patch of dirt outside L.A.

If you’ve ever visited Disneyland, it’s hard to imagine a time when the Matterhorn and Tower of Terror didn’t peak up above the Anaheim skyline while cruising up I-5, so Disney released a timelapse video of the park’s original construction that shows Disney’s Main Street popping up in the middle of nowhere.

Watch the full video below:

Patent Troll Lodsys Attacks Another 10 iOS Developers Over In-App Purchases


If only
If only

Remember Lodsys, the patent troll that began suing a bunch of indie iOS developers back in 2011 over their use of in-app purchases? Well, it’s back to do more trolling. The company has targeted another ten mobile game makers in its latest complaints, which it has been quietly filing in an East Texas court throughout 2013.

The studios named include Gameloft, Walt Disney, BackFlip Studios, and Gamevil.

Steve Jobs Threatened Patent Litigation To Enforce ‘No-Hire’ Agreements


Steve Jobs shakes hands with Eric Schmidt.

Apple co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs threatened Palm CEO Edward Colligan with patent litigation if he did not agree to stop poaching Apple employees, according to a court filing that was made public on Tuesday.

Confidential emails between the pair, along with documents from Adobe and Google, have surfaced in a civil lawsuit that claims a number of major companies in Silicon Valley violated antitrust rules by entering into agreements not to recruit each other’s employees. Five employees are now fighting for class action status and damages for lost wages as a result of the “no-hire” agreements.

Tim Cook Ordered To Give Deposition In Antitrust Case Over ‘No-Hire’ Agreements



Apple CEO Tim Cook must provide a deposition in a lawsuit that claims the Cupertino company, along with other major firms in Silicon Valley, violated antitrust rules by entering into an agreement not to recruit each other’s employees. Apple’s lawyer, George Riley, had objected to the order handed out by U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh in San Jose, California, on Thursday.