Why Wait? Download OS X Mountain Lion’s New Hi-Res Default Wallpaper Here



Like most OS X updates before it, with Mountain Lion comes a new default wallpaper. Like Lion, Mountain Lion’s wallpaper keeps with the galaxy theme, but we think this one’s far more beautiful, with a softer blue tone that is quite calming and peaceful to look at. Anyone know which galaxy this is?

Here’s a link to the high-resolution, 3200×2000 pixel wallpaper. You can download the Mountain Lion High-Res Galaxy Default Wallpaper (2.3MB) here.

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Over at 9to5Mac, Mark Gurman has pulled a nice little early Christmas present out of the new iOS 5.1 beta: four brand new wallpapers that Apple will roll out to customers with the update’s official release.

They’re really beautiful, although my personal favorite is the one with beads of dew on blades of grass. After the jump, we’ve put the iPad versions of the new wallpaper for your perusal, but if you’ve got an iPhone or iPod touch, head on over to 9to5Mac to grab the higher quality PNGs or their equally well-done resized versions of the same images, perfect for a smaller display. Great work, guys.

Download Hundreds of Breathtaking National Geographic Wallpapers for Mac, iPhone and iPad [Gallery]



OS X already comes with a sizable library of some of nature photography’s most beautiful pictures, curated personally by Steve Jobs for use as wallpapers. But as breathtaking as OS X’s default wallpapers can be, if you have your Mac desktop set to randomize, you’re probably sick to death of them at this point.

The foremost name in beautiful nature photography is here to help you supplement them. Every year, National Geographic holds a photo contest, and this year, they have put up all of their entries in downloadable JPEGs suitable for the desktop, iPhone or iPad.

Check Out This Cool Star Wars / OS X Lion Mash-Up Wallpaper [Geek Humor]


A long time ago, in an operating system not too far away...

Reader Adam Moffat sent us this awesome mash-up of Lion’s cool new galaxy wallpaper and the famous opening shot of Darth Vader’s Star Destroyer chasing Princess Leia in the first few minutes of Star Wars.

We love it. Here’s the inspiration. If you think it’d make a fine desktop for your geeky Mac, you can download a high resolution copy from us here. Thanks for sharing your work with us, Adam!