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Steal Samsung’s sweet Star Wars wallpapers for your iPhone


They look great on OLED screens.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Samsung just dropped its new Galaxy Note 10+ Star Wars Edition, and it looks awesome. But if you’re not ready to ditch your iPhone and spend $1,300 on something else, just steal its sweet wallpapers instead.

There are eight in total, and they’re ideal for any Star Wars fan. They also look terrific on iPhone.

Add a touch of Note 10 to iPhone with sweet Samsung wallpapers


They look great on iPhone XS.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Bring a touch of Galaxy Note 10 to your iPhone (or any other phone) while you wait for the real thing with these sweet Samsung wallpapers.

The high-resolution images look terrific — particularly on OLED displays — and they’re probably the closest iOS fans will get to experiencing Samsung’s latest flagship.

Grab the beautiful wallpaper from the new iPad Air


The new 2019 iPad Air, with its 10.5-inch screen, works with Apple's existing Smart Keyboard.
Like that wallpaper? You can put it on your iPad.
Photo: Apple

Anyone who likes the looks of the sweet wallpaper that comes with the iPad Air 3 doesn’t have to buy a new tablet to get it (Duh).

It’s available to download to your iPad or Mac now. It’s not really shaped right for iPhones.

Grab Apple’s artsy 2018 iPad Pro wallpapers


The 2018 iPad Pro wallperars are paintings, not the usual photos.
The 2018 iPad Pro wallperars are paintings, not the usual photos.
Photo: Apple

With every new Apple device comes a fresh collection of wallpapers. The recently-announced iPad Pro models are no exception. And you don’t have to buy a new tablet to get these images for your device because they’ve been posted online.

Some of them look a bit like spin art — paintings created by dripping paint onto a rapidly spinning surface.

Grab all 12 bubbly iPhone XR wallpapers right here


iPhone XR
iPhone XR in black.
Photo: Apple

The iPhone XR won’t be available in stores until next month, but you can already grab the colorful new wallpapers for your old iPhone right now.

Unlike the oil wallpapers on the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, some of the wallpapers for the iPhone XR come with multiple bubbles and match the color schemes of Apple’s new device. Just open this page on your iPhone, long press on each image and save them to your camera roll so you can turn them into a wallpaper.

Download all 12 right here:

Grab all 16 macOS Mojave dynamic wallpapers right here


Mojave wallpapers
Mojave's wallpapers are gorgeous.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Dynamic wallpapers are about to change the look of your Mac once Mojave launches to the public, but you don’t have to wait until this fall to get that new new right now.

Mojave includes 16 variations of the same majestic sand dune Apple showed off at WWDC 2018. If you can’t install Mojave on your Mac, you can download the Mojave dynamic wallpapers below.

Stunning OnePlus 6 wallpapers look awesome on iPhone X


iPhone X
Make back some of the money you just spent by selling your old iPhone.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

OnePlus revealed its latest flagship on Tuesday with an edge-to-edge display inspired by iPhone X. The OnePlus 6 is the Chinese company’s prettiest smartphone yet, and it ships with a bunch of gorgeous wallpapers that look awesome on any home screen.

Download them for your iPhone right here.

Hands on with iOS 11.4 beta 2


iPhone X Product Red Wallpaper
iOS 11.4 beta 2 adds an awesome new wallpaper along with other changes.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple fixed a few bugs and added a great new wallpaper in iOS 11.4 beta 2, but it also removed at least one highly anticipated feature. Check out our video below to see everything that’s new in the latest version of iOS.

How to create perfectly sized iPhone and iPad wallpapers


Tired of parallax or landscape photos ruining your wallpaper? Pixelmator can help!
Tired of parallax or landscape photos ruining your wallpaper? Pixelmator can help!
Photo: Ally Kazmucha/The App Factor

app-factor-logo-thumbnailAnyone who knows me in real life would tell you I’m a bit of a wallpaper nut when it comes to my iPhone and iPad. While I can normally get my fix via Google image search, that sometimes doesn’t cut it. Sometimes I come across a photo that isn’t sized correctly. Luckily, as long as you know iPhone wallpaper size, or iPad for that matter, Pixelmator can help you create a perfectly sized wallpaper in no time.

How To Find And Use The Hidden Screensaver Images In Mavericks [OS X Tips]


Hidden Wallpapers Mavericks

When OS X Mountain Lion came out, we found out that there were 43 hidden high-resolution images included as part of the screen saver system: nature images from National Geographic, aerial images, images of the cosmos, and patterns in nature, to name a few.

It turns out that the same images are hiding in Mavericks, too, just in a different–maybe more accessible place.