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This plug-and-play firewall and VPN combo gives you complete control of your online security


This VPN+firewall is only $299 for life.
Take control of your cyber security with this vpn.
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Paying for an IT service that manages your data security can be expensive. You can get the protection of a firewall, and the privacy of a virtual private network, packed into a single piece of cybersecurity hardware with the Deeper Connect Nano.

This firewall and VPN combo is on sale now for $299. Once you get it installed, your network will be safe and secure. And you won’t need to keep paying … and paying … for security software packages.

Google Fi’s built-in VPN is now available on iPhone


Google Fi
Protect your privacy online.
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Google Fi, the search giant’s cellular service, features a built-in VPN for protecting the online activity of users by stopping third parties tracking their location via IP address. The handy, privacy focused feature has previously been available only for Android users. However, Google has announced that it’s rolling out for iPhone as well.

“Starting today, we’re expanding our built-in VPN to iPhone,” Google tweeted Thursday. “With the Fi VPN, you get a private online connection and more protection from hackers included on all plans.”

Apple BYOD: How User Enrollment revolutionizes personal device management at work


Hexnode Apple User Enrollment helps IT departments work with employees’ personal devices.
Apple User Enrollment helps IT departments work with employees’ personal devices. 
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This Apple for BYOD post is presented by Hexnode. 

Businesses enrolling employees’ personal devices for work use — known in IT circles as Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD — is growing. According to sources cited in Forbes, the market should reach nearly $367 billion by 2022, more than 10 times the size it was in 2014. Companies favoring BYOD tend to save about $350 per year per employee, and those employees see efficiency improvements by using personal devices, whether Android- or Apple-based. 

Make quarantine a little easier with Rosetta Stone, VPN protection and more


Social Distancing Bundle
Learn new languages, expand your knowledge and dodge online restrictions with lifetime access to three trusted apps.
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Being stuck at home can be a drag, so we’ve rounded up three things that can make it more bearable. With language lessons, VPN protection, and a library of short reads, you can pass the time productively and safely.

Stay secure, anonymous and free online with a powerful VPN [Deals]


Disconnect iOS Premium VPN
Get full VPN and tracker protection for your iOS devices, encrypting all traffic, masking your IP and server location with premium security.
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Going online amounts to inviting snoops, data thieves and other headaches, whether on mobile devices or your computer. Not so with a virtual private network, or VPN, which keeps your identity and activity anonymous while opening up new possibilities.

iOS 13.4.1 could come this week with fix for big VPN bug


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It will be essential for those who rely on a VPN.
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Apple will roll out an iOS 13.4.1 update this week to fix a VPN bug on iPhone and iPad, according to a new report out Tuesday.

An earlier investigation revealed a security flaw in Apple’s most recent iOS releases that prevents virtual private networks from encrypting all traffic. The issue can cause data and IP addresses to be exposed.

Apple pays up in patent case involving FaceTime technology


Jony Ive and Steve Jobs talk during the first public FaceTime demo, which took place at WWDC 2010 in San Francisco.
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Out of appeals, Apple cut a check to VirnetX for more than $454 million to end a lengthy patent infringement case.

VirnetX, which sued Apple over patents relating to FaceTime, iMessage and VPN technologies, announced the payment in a one-paragraph press release Friday.

Protect your online identity and activity for life with this highly rated VPN [Deals]


VPN Unlimited Main
This powerful VPN offers anonymity, security, and freedom to stream content anywhere.
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When you go online, your privacy and security is far from guaranteed. In fact, there are plenty of snoops, thieves, and content regulators waiting to pounce on your activity. So we recommend using a VPN anytime you connect to the internet, and this one offers the best bang for your buck.

Round out your Christmas shopping with cloud storage, VPN protection and more [Deals]


Xmas Sale
Swoop in on the last, best deals of the year.
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Christmas is here, so we’re giving the gift of great deals on essential digital tools. Below you’ll find discounts as high as 97% off for cloud storage, VPN protection, powerful tools for iOS management and more. Even better, you can also save an extra 15% when you use the promo code HAPPYHOLIDAYS at checkout.