Everybody wants this guy’s 3D-printed Magic Tray [Setups]


The 3D-printed tray for Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad has generated a lot of interest.
The 3D-printed tray for Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad has generated a lot of interest.
Photo: leroy_pylant@Reddit.com

When a Reddit post draws big interest, it typically gets dozens of comments in a few days. Such is the case with leroy_pylant’s post about 3D printing his own Magic Tray for Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad. It generated 76 comments over five days, with a lot of inquiries about how to get the thing.

You, too, can achieve pleasing symmetry and soft lighting [Setups]


A desk with a metal frame and a bunch or clips and magnets help make a great setup.
A desk with a metal frame and a bunch of clips and magnets help make a great setup.
Photo: QasimZafaraYouTube@Reddit

Quasim Zafar’s neatly laid out computer setup serves as his filming area for YouTube product reviews, his general workstation using a 2020 M1 Mac mini and his Xbox Series S gaming station where he plays Call of Duty.

But that’s only incidental to what you’ll probably love about it and want for your own setup.

‘Mostly monochrome’ rig focuses on innovative storage, nice lighting, cool keyboards [Setups]


It's amazing what you can do with a pegboard (left) and some inexpensive but effective lighting.
It's amazing what you can do with a pegboard (left) and some inexpensive but effective lighting.
Photo: carrotcakeblack@Reddit

Redditor carrotcakeblack wins more than a few style points for his “mostly monochrome! Also some keyboards” setup, as he calls it in his post’s title.

But he leaves out one of the factors visitors like most about his well-photographed MacBook Pro-based outfit. Namely, the way he hangs so much of his gear on a pegboard off to one side in such a visually appealing way.

Mantra behind orgy of screens: ‘Nothing exceeds like excess’ [Setups]


Can you ever really have too many monitors?
Can you ever really have too many monitors?
Photo: KipKang@Reddit

A Mission Control-looking setup featuring an ultrawide monitor with a spacious screen above it and a portrait-oriented screen on either side of it was bound to get some attention — especially with ring lights sticking up from it like antennae. And it did.

“That just seems so excessive that it isn’t even funny,” one Redditor commented on KipKang’s post promoting his MacBook Pro setup and its relative orgy of displays. “I love it and I am jealous of it. Long winded way of saying NICE!”

“Thanks! ‘Nothing exceeds like excess,’” KipKang replied.

A 49-inch UltraWide is just the beginning of this incredible setup [Setups]


MacBookPro Setup
Because a 49-inch UltraWide wasn't enough, he added a second monitor on top.
Photo: @chau_codes

If most UltraWide monitors are impressive, then a 49-inch UltraWide is jaw-dropping. That is just the start of programmer Justin Chau’s amazing setup, which took years to assemble. Above his 49-incher, he has a 32-inch Dell S Series Monitor, which gives him an insane amount of screen real estate.

HomeKit-powered lights give this setup a Star Trek vibe [Setups]


A cozy but epic setup
A cozy but epic wfh setup
Photo: @mrisad

A set of origami-style lights illuminate the cozy setup of Instagram user @mrisad, an integration delivery manager. The Nanoleaf lights floating above his dual monitors evoke the control panels from some ’70s sci-fi show. And they’re integrated with HomeKit, Apple’s home-automation platform.

The heart of his rig is a beautiful pair of screens. The large main screen is a $1,000 curved, 38-inch screen from LG. The second screen is a 28-inch Asus gaming monitor. He hooked them both up to a Mac mini, and elegantly suspended them in midair by an inexpensive ($40) but fully articulated desktop stand.

To round out his setup, @mrisad has a Magic Keyboard and Trackpad from Apple, and a trio of chargers for his iPhone, iPad and AirPods. As for audio, he has a HomePod and a pair of Sennheiser noise-canceling headphones.

Samsung’s AirDrop clone will debut with Galaxy S20 next month


Photo: Marcus Dall Col/Unsplash

Samsung is developing its own AirDrop competitor that will make its debut alongside the Galaxy S20 next month, according to a new report.

Leaked Quick Share screenshots reveal the feature will let users “share instantly with people nearby.” This is separate from the AirDrop rival Google is reportedly planning for all Android devices.

iPhones sales in China dropped 13% in 2018


iPhone sales are finally rebounding in China
iPhone sales were starting to pickup in China.
Photo: Tim Cook/Weibo

Investors just received a worrying report about iPhone sales in China ahead of Apple’s pivotal 2018 holiday earnings report slated for Tuesday, January 29.

Apple warned investors earlier this year that iPhone sales in Greater China came in lower than expected. We’ll have to wait for the official numbers from Apple tomorrow, but according to data firm Canalys, total smartphone sales dropped 15% year-over-year in Q4 2018 with Apple taking one of the biggest hits.

What iPhone X without the ‘notch’ would look like


Vivo NEX shows how the iPhone X could have looked
The Vivo NEX shows how the iPhone X without the notch could have looked.
Photo: Vivo

Even though the iPhone X has proved very popular, its screen cutout nevertheless has critics. A rival phone maker unveiled a device that shows why Apple went with the design it did.

The Vivo NEX has a nearly edge-to-edge screen, with no notch in sight. This was accomplished by putting the front-facing camera on pop-out tab. An easily broken tab.

iPhone X guts Foxconn profits


Foxconn Wisconsin
Foxconn workers in Shenzhen will not report next week until further notice.
Photo: Foxconn

Production issues with the iPhone X caused Apple’s biggest supply partner to suffer its biggest decline in profits in nearly a decade.

Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., aka Foxconn, posted its latest earnings today and disappointed investors by posting a 39 percent decline in net income compared to the same quarter last year.