You’ve never seen someone so happy with an Apple Watch box


You never know when that new Apple device will change your life.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Talk about finding a unique way to recycle your Apple packaging!

A newly-expecting mother recently broke the news about her pregnancy to the father by hiding the positive pregnancy test in an Apple Watch — prompting a spontaneous heart-warming reaction.

Seriously, the guy couldn’t have been any more chuffed if he had just been handed a $17,000 Apple Watch Edition.

Either that or he’s wondering where the Apple Watch itself went.

How an Android user created a hit Apple viral video


The "Apple Engineer Talks" viral video by Armando Ferreira clocked more than 3 million views in a few days. Photo: YouTube

The viral video hit “Apple Engineer Talks,” which mocks the new MacBook, is a scream. I nearly died laughing — along with millions of other people.

The clever parody was crafted by somebody who clearly has a deep knowledge of Apple, so I was surprised to discover its creator is actually an Android user.

Here’s how he did it, and why he didn’t make any money off his wildly successful Apple viral video.

Dad mows down video games and we can’t stop watching


Screenshot: Rob LeFebvre, via YouTube
Screenshot: Cult of Mac

We’ve all heard it: “Turn that TV off or I’m gonna take it and toss it out the g*dd*mn window.” Chances are, if you’re a parent, you’ve even said such a thing (I know I have).

That’s why after repeated watchings we just had to share this viral video from YouTuber McJuggerNuggets about a crazy family with a dad that resorts to mowing down his layabout son’s video game collection to intimidate the kid into getting a job.

Check out this NSFW video (F-bombs galore) below and you’ll be as hooked on the uncomfortable family drama as we are.

Opportunistic App Marketing: How One Developer Rode a Viral Video Wave



This a is a guest post by Jerry Halstead of Frontier Design Group, a small, independent app development company.

Not everyone’s app is going to be featured in a viral video. Maybe yours will be mentioned by a celebrity, used in an Apple commercial, featured in a blog or news story. Whatever the event, be prepared to act quickly and don’t be reluctant to try to capitalize on it.

Here’s how we capitalized on a viral video featuring our app, iShred.