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Get 75% off a VideoProc GPU-accelerated video editing software lifetime license


Digiarty VideoProc
Digiarty's GPU-accelerated video editing and processing software, VideoProc, is now 75% off.
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This video editing post is presented by Digiarty, maker of VideoProc.

If you’re a 4K/HD video maven and you want to work with it across your devices — handheld cameras, drone cameras, smartphones, tablets, laptops — you know format-compatibility problems often rear their ugly heads. That makes relatively serious video-editing and video-processing software indispensable. And we should add, all the more so when you can get a good one like Digiarty VideoProc for 75% off while the holiday sale remains in effect (like, right now).

Process and edit your 4K videos faster on Mac


With VideoProc, processing 4K video doesn't have to take forever.
Processing 4K video doesn't have to take forever.
Image: Digiarty

This post is presented by Digiarty.

Macs are mighty machines, but if you work with video, you discover their limitations pretty quickly. And if you’re thinking a decked-out Mac Pro or other powerhouse computer might be the answer, you’re talking prices that rival down payments on a car or even a house. The best (and most affordable) answer might be to get better video processing software.

Make TV shows and movies look great in iOS with iFlicks 3


iFlicks makes your movies look awesome.
iFlicks makes your movies look awesome.
Photo: iFlicks

If you like to add movies and TV shows to your iTunes library, or to the Videos app on your iPhone and iPad, then you should be using iFlicks. iFlicks is an app that takes these plain video files and makes them beautiful. It adds artwork and metadata, and even converts them to a nice, iTunes- and iOS-friendly format. And now iFlicks 3 is out, with some great new features.

Easily process and edit 4K/HD videos with VideoProc [iPhone XS and AirPods giveaway]


Easy-to-use Mac app VideoProc makes video processing simple.
This easy-to-use Mac app makes video processing simple.
Image: Digiarty Software

This post is presented by Digiarty Software.

Shooting great video on an iPhone is easy. But if you want to edit or work with video at a deeper level for watching or uploading without any limitations, you’re going to need special software. Usually, that means getting an expensive application for video editing and conversion.

A new app from Digiarty Software called VideoProc offers an easier, more affordable way to process video. Plus, you can win a copy of the Mac app in our sweepstakes — and maybe even take home a free iPhone XS and AirPods to enjoy your sparkly new video! Just visit the iPhone video processing page and enter your email for a chance to win.