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Rabbit is a Vibrant New Gate to The Virtual World, And It’ll Change Your Life Forever. No, Really.


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We say this often here at Cult of Mac: “This new whatsagizbob will change your life!” Perhaps we say it too often. But I can think of very, very few things I’ve seen where the phrase would ring as true as it does with Rabbit.

Rabbit is a videochat app and platform for Mac unlike anything you’ve seen, designed for immersive video socializing in groups, created by four ex-videogame developers, with mind-boggling attention to detail. You can even screencast movies, and share images and webpages over Rabbit.

And today, it’s been released as a closed beta (but read on to find out how to get your hands on a copy).

Google Updates Gmail Video Chat To The More Modern Google+ Hangouts



It appears the Gmail video chat and its peer-to-peer technology has run its course. It served many of us well, but with the introduction of the more modern and featured packed Google+ Hangouts, it’s time to move forward. Google today announced they would be upgrading Gmail video chat to utilize the power of Google’s network and deliver higher reliability and enhanced quality with the new Hangouts system.

3-Ways Are So Passé, Participate In A 12-Way, Free Video Chat With ooVoo



Today, independent video chat provider ooVoo, announced a significant update across multiple platforms as well as adding a new Facebook application. ooVoo allows users to HD video chat, text, or make phone calls with up to 12 friends across Android, iPhone, PC, Mac and now also on Facebook. According to Yuval Baharav, Chief Executive Officer, today’s release was a direct result of their over 46 million users:

Facebook Messenger App Lets You Chat With Your Friends, Video Chat May Be Coming Soon



Someone must use Facebook’s chat system, because the social networking giant just released Facebook Messenger, a dedicated iOS app that allows you to send and receive messages or chat with friends on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. It even comes with push notifications so you won’t miss any messages.

More interestingly, though, Facebook’s Messenger app contains files that hint at future video calling functionality to come.