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Apple Watch band detects dangerous potassium levels without drawing blood


KardiaBand Apple Watch
KardiaBand can diagnose hyperkalemia with 94 percent accuracy.
Photo: AliveCore

A new Apple Watch band can detect dangerous levels of potassium in your blood without the use of needles.

KardiaBand takes an electrocardiogram, then uses a specially designed algorithm to identify abnormal patterns. AliveCor says its Apple Watch band can detect hyperkalemia with 94 percent accuracy. Such a diagnosis usually would require invasive blood tests

Ex-Google exec: People who care about photography own an iPhone


iPhone 7 camera
Vic Gundotra thinks Apple did a "great job" with the iPhone 7 camera.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Every year, we see some fancy new Android handset try to challenge the iPhone camera, whether it be in sheer number of megapixels or some smart AI image processing technology.

However, Vic Gundotra, Google’s former senior vice president of social, says there’s only serious contender when it comes to making him replace his DSLR: the iPhone.

Jobs Made Google Change Their App Logo Because They Didn’t Use The Right Shade of Yellow



Following Steve Jobs’ decision to step down from the position of Apple CEO yesterday, the internet is awash with reaction pieces and opinions from some of the industry’s biggest names. MacRumors points to a rather humorous anecdote from Google’s Vic Gundotra, in which he pays tribute to Steve’s meticulous attention to detail — which Gundotra believes every CEO should have.