Score a massive library of royalty-free icons and stock images


The Ultimate Design Assets Bundle
Bolster any design project with thousands of royalty-free and licensed flat icons, stock images, and more.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

For digital designers, assets are everything. They put flesh on the framework of your site, application or other design projects. So access to a massive library of royalty-free icons, stock images and other assets is an invaluable resource. The Ultimate Design Assets bundle includes three libraries, with lifetime access to thousands of assets.

Sketchology App With Infinite Zoom, Limitless Canvas



Drawing apps on the iPad are pretty neat, but it always seemed to me that they cleaved to strongly to the limitations of the physical world. Why, for example, should your piece of virtual paper be limited in size and shape like a piece of paper paper? It shouldn’t. And that’s the premise of Sketchology, a vector app with an almost infinite canvas.