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Have A Say In The Future Of Gaming: Vote For Mac Games Via Steam Greenlight


Steam Greenlight

Valve’s continued support for Mac games is laudable. Including Mac gaming in their offerings continues to prove to naysayers that Macs are a viable gaming machine, and deserve to be treated well, with support for games, developers and, of course, publishers of Mac games.

Steam Greenlight is a new initiative from Bellevue-based Valve Software aimed at allowing the growing Steam membership a say in the process of choosing what games to produce for the popular multiplayer and online digital distribution system, Steam.

Steam Is Officially Expanding Beyond Games, Will Do Battle With Mac App Store Starting September 5th



Looks like the rumors were true: Valve’s Steam digital delivery service is breaking out of being exclusive to games, and will soon be selling apps on the PC and Mac as well. That makes Steam a head-to-head competitor with Apple’s Mac App Store.

Valve will soon be expanding the scope of software on Steam beyond games to app types ranging from “creativity to productivity” including accounting, animation & modeling, utilities, software training, video production, web production, design & illustration and many more besides.

Why 2010 Was The Year Mac Gaming Got Real



Retrospectively casting an eye over an incredible year for both Apple and its customers, one of the most surprising developments of 2010 was the Mac’s long-overdue maturity into a serious gaming platform after years of false hopes and promises.

More surprising than even that, though, is the fact Apple almost had nothing to do with it: even while Cupertino oiled and massaged iOS into a platform capable of rattling the nerves of gaming’s most unassailable colossus, they continued to ignore Mac gamers and its developers.

So who was responsible for the Mac Gaming Renaissance of 2010? There’s no one company in particular, but let’s start with Valve.

Valve Software’s Portal Re-Imagined As Classic Apple Text Adventure [Video]




Valve Software’s transcendent physics and teleportation puzzler Portal already runs sublimely through Steam for Mac… as long as you have a modern MacBook Pro or iMac. But what if Portal wasn’t a modern game, but a classic Macintosh text adventure? This brilliant mock ad re-imagines Portal as a lost game rediscovered through a lost Saturday morning advertisement, complete with an appearance by a badly puppeted GlaDOS. Brilliant… although that green text really looks more at place on an Apple II, don’t you think?