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It’s Not Too Late! Send Your Significant Other A Retro Valentine With Lovestagram


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What do you do when your lover helps run the largest mobile social network in existence? You give him a Valentine’s Day gift only he could really appreciate. That’s exactly what Kaitlyn Trigger did for her boyfriend, Instagram co-founder Mike Krieger.

Kaitlyn learned how to code so she could create Lovestagram, an easy way to make and send Valentines with Instagram photos. That’s a gift that would make any hipster blush.

Make Your Mac Your Valentine With The Mac Love Bundle [Deals]


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Photo credit: Like_the_Grand_Canyon (CC BY 2.0)

With Valentine’s Day upon us, many people are gearing up to share love with the special people in their lives. But why not share a little bit of the love with your Mac? If you’re wondering how you can do that….the latest Cult of Mac Deal has got the answer for you: The Mac Love Bundle.

For only $39, you receive over $300 worth of top-notch Mac apps! These apps won’t just show your Mac how much you love it….but it’ll give your Mac to show you how much it loves you in return. How’s that possible? Well, all 9 apps on The Mac Love Bundle handle a different area of your digital life, so when you grab the bundle and install it on your Mac (and use the apps, of course), you’ll find that your life in those areas will get a whole lot more appealing.

Pink Moleskine-Style iPhone Case Is Valentine’s Rescue Remedy


Better than flowers; worse than a weekend away. The pink iPhone case makes an almost ideal Valentine's Day gift

As a nerd, it’s almost certain that you still haven’t bought a Valentine’s Day gift for your significant other (heck, as a nerd it’s not even certain you have a significant other). An inkling at the back of your mind tells you that flowers are too obvious, but your geek brain can’t conceive of any romantic gift that isn’t also practical. Fear not. We have news of the most romantic (and practical) gift money can buy: the Pink Little Black Book for iPhone.

iOS Apps To Make You The Perfect Catch This Valentine’s Day [App Guide]



Still struggling to think of things to do this Valentine’s Day? Maybe you haven’t even got a date yet. But don’t worry, our app guide is here to help. We’ve compiled a list of great iOS apps that will make you the perfect valentine on February 14. They’ll help you find a date, book a table for dinner, buy movie tickets, and even send flowers. All you’ll need is your iPhone.

A Valentine’s Gift Guide For Apple Lovers


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Dude, Valentine’s Day is like four days away! Haven’t bought your sweetie a gift yet? Don’t despair, we have some clever gift ideas that will make you look like a hopeless romantic. Or at least you won’t be in the doghouse!

Above: When saying it just isn’t enough, show her how much you love her with the Love Quotes Wallpaper for Valentines day. With over 450 glow effects in 24 patterns and 20 colors, you are sure to find something for your sweety. The more sickly sweet the better! You can even share by Facebook, Twitter and Email.

Love Quotes Wallpaper for Valentines Day App is available from iTunes for free