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Apple Music now boasts more subscribers than Spotify in the U.S.


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You won’t believe how cheap Apple Music is in India.
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Apple Music now boasts more paying subscribers that Spotify in the United States.

Both services have more than 20 million subscribers, but Apple Music is finally “a hair ahead” after creeping up on Spotify for months, according to a new report. Apple’s service is expected to widen the gap in the coming months as it continues to enjoy a faster growth rate than its biggest rival.

Nintendo’s Miitomo game said to be making $280,000 every week


Nintendo Miitomo on iPhone
Miitomo is raking in the cash.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac
Miitomo is raking in the cash. Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Android

Nintendo fans bemoaned the company’s decision not to use Mario or Link or Donkey Kong in its first smartphone game, but it seems Miitomo is doing perfectly well without famous faces.

According to new estimates, the social app is currently raking in a whopping $280,000 every single week.

5 Million Draw Something Users Opt For The Eraser, Stop Playing After Just A Month



The uber-popular social drawing app Draw Something, appears to be drawing less attention ever since Zynga bought out the game’s creators OMGPOP for $200 million. According to Atlantic Wire magazine, the month after Zynga’s purchase, the app saw a 5 million user drop in daily usage. That’s a pretty significant drop, whether directly related remains unknown, but it’s either that, or people have simply lost interest in the game.