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This is what Apple’s upcoming dual USB-C charger looks like


Apple Dual USB-C charger leaked photos
A Dual USB-C Power 35W Power Adapter from Apple? Yes, please
Photo: ChargerLAB

Photos of Apple’s unreleased dual USB-C charger with a total output of 35W have surfaced online. The images show the adapter will have a compact design with foldable electrical prongs and two USB-C ports located side by side.

It will also feature two circular indents on both sides that should aid with grip when removing the charger from a power outlet.

Apple preps power adapter with gasp! two USB-C ports


Apple prepping power adapter with (gasp!) two USB-C ports
The Apple Dual USB-C Port 35W Power Adapter might look something like this.
Concept: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Apple is reportedly about to release a power adapter with dual USB-C ports, not just one. It’s hardly cutting-edge — accessory makers have offered similar wall chargers for years. But it’s good news for those who prefer Apple-branded gear.

There’ve been rumors Apple is going to start using gallium nitride in its chargers. A dual-port one might be a sign this is finally happening.

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