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We spend 7 weeks per year staring at our phones, study claims


Filmmaking on the iPhone.
That's 49 days for those keeping track at home.
Photo: Apple

People aged 16 to 30 spend around 3.2 hours per day on mobile devices like iPhones and iPads, according to a new study by global market research company TNS.

That translates as 49 days out of the year staring at miniature screens — with people reported to look at their phones a massive 150 times daily.

Well, when you put it like that

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Battery Usage

Look, all these great tips for saving your iPhone battery are not very useful if they don’t apply to you. Your iPhone use is uniquely your own, and you really ought to get a handle on how your battery is affected as you apply the various strategies to help conserve power when you need it.

Otherwise, why bother, right? Here’s how to check your battery usage stats right on your iPhone, as recommended by Apple.

Get Battery Usage Information Right On Your iPhone or iPad [iOS Tips]


Battery iPhone

Battery life in the iPhone age, right? It’s a conundrum we’ve all had to adjust our behaviors for. Before the iPhone, I can remember going days, maybe even a week or so in between battery charges. The advent of an iPhone in my life brought with it a new behavior – charging it every night. I use my iPhone for almost everything these days, including getting around town, communicating with loved ones, and checking email while out and about, so it makes sense that the battery drains quickly.

There are a few third-party apps out there that keep track of your battery usage for you. Turns out, though, if you just want a quick looksee at how much life you have left in your iPhone or iPad’s battery, you can look in the iOS Settings app itself.

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One of the nifty little features in Apple’s iOS operating system is the ability to “swipe to delete” certain items. You can use the gesture to remove songs, podcasts, videos, text messages, emails, and more from your device, but for some bizarre reason, not audiobooks.

Here’s how to delete audiobooks directly from your iOS device — without the need for a computer.

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When we install new apps on our iOS devices, they don’t just take up the storage space needed for the app itself, but they also consume space needed for storing “documents & data.” This can be all sorts of things, including save files for your games, pictures, videos, and content downloaded through in-app purchases.

Here’s how to see how much storage space each of your apps is using for “documents & data,” and how you can reclaim that precious space.