Apple plans to appeal $439.7 million loss to patent troll


VirnetX strikes again!
Photo: Apple

Apple has been ordered to pay a patent troll $439.7 million after losing the final ruling in the case being heard by the US District Court.

The legal battle between Apple and VirnetX is far from over though the company says. Even though it lost the ruling related to patented technology used in FaceTime, Apple says it plans to appeal the court’s ruling.

Judge Says Apple Can’t Have It Both Ways, Denies Request To Seal Financial Documents



US District Court Judge Lucy Koh today denied Apple’s request to have several documents sealed from public view in its fight to recoup more damages from Samsung than were even awarded by the jury several weeks ago. The documents include “product-specific unit sales, revenue, profit, profit margin, and cost data” that it also wants to use in its argument for a higher award from the court.

Judge Koh basically said that Apple can’t have it both ways. Her decision says to the Cupertino-based company that it can’t use documents in its arguments that it then in turn wants to keep secret. It just doesn’t work that way.

Apple, Samsung Hope To Cooperate Over Sealing Off Sensitive Documents In Upcoming Patent Trial


Honor among corporations with secrets?
Honor among corporations with secrets?

In a not-so surprise move today, Apple filed a proposal with the US District Court that is handling Monday’s trial between it and rival Samsung over possible patent infringements. The surprise move today is the fact that Samsung agrees with Apple.

Both companies have to submit documents as exhibits in the wide-ranging trial, scheduled for Monday, and each company would like to keep it’s sensitive business data private. The two tech industry leaders today came up with a proposal that, if accepted, will have them jointly submitting documents they would like redacted from the public.