Simplify your personal audio with sleek Bluetooth Urbanears earbuds [Deals]


Urbanears Earphones
Enjoy easy listening with 12 hours of wireless audio, great sound quality, ergonomic fit, and intuitive controls.
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With the nice weather, it’s more tempting than ever to get outside. So whether it’s to walk around the park, take a job or even to return to your daily commute, it’s a great time to enhance your personal audio game. This set of sleek, powerful earbuds does just that, bringing the features while keeping it simple.

Your summer pool party needs Urbanears’ portable Bluetooth speaker [Review]


Urbanears Rålis review
Urbanears Rålis would be a welcome guest at your next pool party.
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No outdoor party is complete without music, and that requires a sound system that can be heard over plenty of other noise. The new Rålis from Urbanears delivers more than just the necessary volume: it sounds outstanding.

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Machine-washable headphones are no sweat to clean [Review]


These headphones will stay fresh and ready to bust out the jams.
These headphones will stay fresh and ready to bust out the jams.
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Urbanears Hellas Bluetooth washable headphones

You can’t beat the sound quality (or comfort) of a good pair of on-ear wireless headphones, but working out with most pairs can be an exercise in moisture management with a side of stink-appeal.

These new Hellas headphones from Urbanears solve that problem with a removable, machine-washable headband and ear cup. You simply pull off the mesh-covered bits, toss them in the provided net laundry bag, and drop them in your washing machine. You’ll never have to deal with smelly, sweaty headphones again.