iPhone 5 To Launch Later This Month As FedEx Prepares For ‘Surge Volume’ Event From Sep. 21


Looks like FedEx is expecting to be pretty busy around this time.
Looks like FedEx is expecting to be pretty busy around this time.

FedEx has issued a memo to employees noting that all training classes will be canceled between September 21 and September 24 due to a “surge volume” event. Although the company does not specify a reason for this, it falls just 9 days after the iPhone 5 unveiling, and suggests this is when Apple’s sixth-generation device will launch in the United States — and possibly around the world.

Flood Of Pre-Ordered iPads Causing Shipping Delays



For the last two years, pre-ordering an iPad has been the surest bet to get an iPad in your hands on launch day. You don’t have to worry about the crazy long lines at the Apple store, or the possibility of Apple running out of stock by the time your number is called. This year things have been completely backwards. Everyone rushed to pre-order their iPad thinking they’ll get it without the hassle of waiting in line. But the lines at stores have been short all day, and the flood of pre-orders have caused delivery delays as some customers are reporting delivery exceptions that have pushed their estimated delivery time from 3p.m. back to 8p.m. and in some cases the next day.

Your New iPad Might Be ‘Out For Delivery’ In U.K., But Here’s Why It Won’t Arrive Early


He won't be arriving at your door today.

I’ve been obsessing over my iPad pre-order so much since I placed it that I’m checking it tracking status almost hourly. I know it’s not going to arrive early, but I can’t help myself.

If you’re like me and you live in the U.K., you may have noticed that your iPad is listed as “out for delivery” today. But here’s why it won’t be arriving on your doorstep early.

Our iPad Has Shipped. Has Yours? [Open Thread]



Oh snap! My iPad is leaving China and making its way across the Pacific already. By this time next Friday I’m gonna be getting super intimate with my new iPad’s 3.1million pixels and learning their deep dark secrets.

Has your iPad shipped yet? Or are you one of those unlucky souls in the U.K.? Post a pic of your iPad’s shipment status in the comments so we can all collectively celebrate that Big Jobs in the Sky who is about to rain down a storm of euphoric iPad glory on us come Friday.

iPhone 4S Pre-Orders Begin Shipping, But Don’t Expect to Get Yours Early



A number of lucky customers who pre-ordered the iPhone 4S on Friday, October 7, are already receiving shipping notices to say that their devices on the way — 4 days before the device is scheduled to launch. The orders are available for tracking via UPS with expected delivery dates ahead of this Friday, however, don’t expect your package to arrive early.