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Fantastical 2 Gets Beefy First Update


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Fantastical is hands down my favorite calendar app for both the Mac and iOS, and Fantastical 2 for iOS went a long way to bringing the app in line with iOS 7’s major aesthetic changes. Now, just three weeks after its lauch, Fantastical 2 has seen its first app update, and there are some cool new options in here.

Tell Mavericks To Install Software Updates When You Want [OS X Tips]


Update much?
Update much?

There you are, sitting in front of your Mac, important work on the screen, when an Update notification shows up. Oh no! Your Mac wants you to update some software, but you really do not have the time.

What’s a busy professional to do? Before Mavericks, you could dismiss the notification, and wait for it to pop up again. In Mavericks, however, you have a bit more control over your Mac than that.

Mailbox App Now Searches Your Entire Gmail Account — Every Last Gigabyte


mailbox update

It appears that today is officially App Update Thursday here on CoM, and I’m not even writing about all the great stuff that my iOS devices sucked down during the night. But I will tell you about Mailbox.

The Mailbox app, which lets you swipe and tap your way through your email, getting to “inbox zero” easily several times a day whilst turning your mail account into a kind of super-handy to-do list, will now search your entire Gmail archive. And that’s not all.

Twitter For iOS Update Makes It Easier To Track Conversations



Twitter released a new update for its iOS app that makes it easier for users to keep track of conversations between friends. To keep tabs on who’s saying what to whom and when, Twitter has added a blue line that connects conversations and displays replies to tweets in chronological order.

Conversations can now be expanded by tapping the blue line to see more replies from people you don’t follow. Twitter also added new notification settings and bug fixes.

Here’s a video on how the blue line works:

Facebook Login Update Makes It Harder For Apps To Spam Your Wall




Using Facebook is usually one of the quickest ways to log in to apps and other services without creating an account, but there’s nothing more annoying on Facebook than giving an app access to your account only to have them post spam on your wall without permission.

Facebook announced today that it has finally come up with a solution by updating Facebook Login for mobile so that apps have to ask you separately for permission to post on your behalf.

The update should result in 31% faster load up times, too. And if you decide later that you really want to share all your progress from Kitchen Scramble, or any other apps, you can do that too.


Source: Facebook

Via: The Verge