Apple coughs up millions for extra U.K. taxes


Apple is handing over an extra $186 million in U.K. taxes.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple Europe has agreed to pay an additional $186 million, including interest on unpaid tax, after an “extensive audit” by HM Revenue and Customs, the U.K. government department responsible for the collection of taxes.

The “corporate income tax adjustment” in the United Kingdom covers the years through September 2015, and reflects Apple’s “increased activity” during that period. The adjustment will be factored into future tax bills paid by Apple.

U.K. Regulator Promises To Investigate Apple’s Misleading iPad 4G Claims


The new iPad may feature a 4G chip, but it's not compatible with all 4G networks.
The new iPad may feature a 4G chip, but it's not compatible with all 4G networks.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has promised to investigate Apple’s claims of 4G connectivity for the new iPad in the United Kingdom after the Cupertino company failed to remove all references to ‘4G’ from its U.K. online store. Although the device boasts 4G capabilities, they are not available in the U.K. where there are currently no 4G networks.

These iPad-Owning Lapdancers Are Ready To Invade Your iPhone Thanks To Saucytime [Exclusive]



Saucytime is the latest company to pair sex with Apple’s handy videoconferencing technology FaceTime.

Apple’s desire to keep their devices G-rated hasn’t kept adult chat services from trying. But iP4Play, the first company to launch a porn chat service over FaceTime went bust after just a few months, citing low FaceTime adoption.

The latest come-hither chat service is the UK-based Saucytime. To my American ears, the name promises more Benny Hill-esque titillation than graphic raunch. That’s intentional, says co-founder Lei.