These Laser-Cut MacBook Lids Will Take Your Mac Décor To An All New Level



Putting a sweet decal on your MacBook’s lid is cool and all, but if you’re looking to take things to another level with your MacBook decorating skills, maybe you you should try cutting some artwork into it with a laser.

The process of laser cutting artwork into your MacBook’s lid isn’t easy, but the people over at Uncover will do it for you. You can get almost any design cut into your MacBook, but Uncover requires that you send in your MacBook to be beautified, or just buy a new one through them so they can customize it before sending it out to you.

The results are pretty stunning, and it will definitely help you stand out at a college or your next IT conference.

Here’s a peek at some of the cool laser-cut artwork others have had Uncover do for them: