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This setup has more wood than you can shake a stick at [Setups]


MacBook Setup
All the wooden products and plants make for a very calm setup.
Photo: @hussaintausif

When accountant and realtor Tausif Hussain built his setup he was looking for wellness and nature themes.

He uses a Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk, which is both eco-friendly and joint-friendly. He also has a Muvmat, an anti-fatigue mat that is also a foot massager. The Muvmat simulates standing in a forest; it is filled with bumps that imitate rocks, branches, and twigs. And pretty much every device rests on top of some wooden accessory or stand.

This setup will get cinematographers drooling [Setups]


iMac Pro Setup
The camera manages to outshine the UltraFine.
Photo: @benhessfilms

Ben Hess is a professional cinematographer — and he has the gear to prove it. He rocks an iMac Pro that’s hooked up to a 27-inch LG 5K UltraFine Monitor, giving him acres of premium screen real estate.

But the highlight of this rig is not the $5,000 computer or the $1,300 screen. It’s his $27,000 Red Gemini Camera and $5,000 lens. Hess comes to play. The Red Gemini is top-shelf, and an Atlas anamorphic lens gives him the eye of a hawk.

This setup is as cool as it is symmetrical [Setups]


MacBook Pro Setup
This hyper-symmetrical desk looks like something out of a Wes Anderson movie.

Jonas Grossecappenberg is a professional filmmaker and photographer so he needs to work with high quality screens. He rocks a two-monitor, MacBook Pro setup. The other laptop is a Dell XPS. Grossecappenberg’s 34-inch LG UltraWide stands below a LG 27-inch UltraFine, giving him lots of premium screen real estate.

He has both the Logitech MX Master Mouse and MX Keys wireless keyboard. A pair of Yamaha Hs8 speakers give him great sound quality.

He also sports a heigh-adjustable Flexispot standing desk to loosen up his joints.