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The Cult of Mac Path to Becoming a Mobile Design Rockstar [Deals]



So you’ve got your mobile app idea and you’ve learned Objective C / Java and are ready to start coding. Now all that’s left to do is to create an elegant and inviting user interface so that people will actually use your app.

And now you’ve hit that roadblock.

Today we’re introducing you to design guru Jen Gordon as part of our newest Cult of Mac Deals offer that will help you become a mobile design rockstar – and at a savings of 61% off the normal price!

Replace The Glossy Text Bubbles In iChat With Something Less Aqua-ey



I’ve never particularly cared for iChat. It’s less full-featured than free alternatives like Adium, and since it can’t easily be skinned, if you hate all the bubbles and aqua in the UI, there’s not a lot you can do about it. Luckily, over at OS X Daily, they’ve put together a fantastic and simple way to replace the iChat Aqua Text Bubbles with a flatter, less idiosyncratic matte version. Check it out: this is really the way iChat should look by default.

What We Can Expect From Lion: The Clues From Yesterday’s Apple Event



So now we know that OS X 10.7 Lion will be released next summer, and that many of its features will be based on the loop of feedback Steve Jobs described: the Mac influenced the iPhone, which influenced the iPad, which is now influencing the Mac once more.

Or to put it another way: expect lots of iOS-style controls, widgets and designs in Lion.

If you looked closely at the demos in yesterday’s presentation, you might have noticed one or two little details that offer hints of what’s to come.