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Apple questions U.S. government interference in Corellium copyright suit


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A copyright case between Apple and Corellium is now of great interest to the DOJ. But why?
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Apple is disputing the interference of the U.S. Justice Department in a copyright suit against software maker Corellium as questions arise as to why the federal government is now involved in the case.

The Department of Justice has now intervened in the case asking Apple to delay its request for a deposition of Corellium cofounder Chris Wade, and inquiring to what evidence Apple is planning on presenting before its lawyers question Wade.

AT&T, Verizon tried to subvert a technology Apple embraces


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An eSIM is far smaller than a standard one, and much more flexible. But not if some carriers get their way.
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The Department of Justice is investigating whether AT&T and Verizon colluded to subvert the primary goal of electronic SIMs. This new tech makes it easy to switch between service providers, something to two largest wireless carriers apparently wanted to prevent. 

Apple uses an eSIM in the Apple Watch Series 3. And last year this company formally complained to the DoJ that the two carriers were pressuring an international standards body to make an anticompetitive change to this emerging tech. 

Apple To Justice Department: E-Book Antitrust? WTF?!?



With the U.S. Department of Justice gearing up to slap Apple with an antitrust lawsuit, the Cupertino company has spoken out over claims it has teamed up with publishers to raise the price of e-books, and downplayed the threat from Amazon’s Kindle. It argues that it gave publishers the opportunity to set their own prices, and that it cannot be blamed for e-book price hikes.