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Pick Wall Street winners with lifetime access to this powerful stock screener


Learn how to invest more wisely with Tykr Stock Screener, now only $100 before Black Friday.
Gain investment intelligence with Tykr, now just $99.97 ahead of Black Friday.
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Investing can feel like a crapshoot — especially these days. However, with some Wall Street knowledge and a powerful stock screening tool, you’ll be well on your way to making better investments.

You can enjoy stock analysis, stock investing tips and much more with Tykr. Ahead of Black Friday, you can unlock lifetime access to this investment education platform for only $99.97 (regularly $900) with code STOCK. You need to act fast, though, as this sale only lasts until December 3!

Get $20 off this top-rated investment app


Invest the smart way with this stock screening app — $99 through October 15th.
Get a Tykr stock screener premium subscription for less than $100.
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To a lot of new investors, the stock market can seem like glorified gambling. And of course, that’s exactly what it would be if you picked your stocks out of a hat without any preparation. While there’s always an element of risk, it’s always about staying informed – and that’s exactly what Tykr helps you do.

This stock-screening tool is the perfect companion for first-time investors, who can now get a lifetime subscription for $99.97 (regularly $900), thanks to a limited-time fall promo.

Take Wall Street for a ride with these discounted stock-picking tools


Get to know the stock market with an extra $20 off this trading analytics bundle.
Get a trustworthy stock-picker, plus courses that will show you the ropes, with this Labor Day deal.
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Ready to master the stock market? This combo deal pairs a tool that helps you identify solid investments with a comprehensive online course that will teach you how Wall Street works.

During a Labor Day Sale, you can purchase a lifetime subscription to the Tykr stock screener, plus access to “Top Tools for Better Stock Picking,” both at one low price. Normally sold for $930, this package is available for only $99.97 with coupon code STOCK for a limited time.

Pick your next winner with this easy-to-use stock screener


Pick smarter stocks with this $119.99 investment screener.
Get expert analytics for your stock portfolio with this $119.99 tool.
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Dealing with an investment portfolio can be scary. What factors should you look for in a promising stock? When is the right time to sell? These are all questions that require research, and that means an investment in time as well as money.

Tykr is a great tool that cuts through the math to deliver straightforward advice for today’s investors. And it’s not just for times when the market is flying high: Savvy investors can make money even when the market is down or going sideways.

Invest like a pro with this expert stocks bundle


Invest like a pro with back to school pricing on this expert stocks bundle.
Get this top stocks app plus expert investment training for less than $120.
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It’s never too early to start investing, but that first step into the stock market can be a doozy. It can also be a costly one if you go in without doing your research. But now there’s an easy way for first-time investors to get the know-how they need.

You can can get five hours of expert tips on how to start your portfolio, plus lifetime access to the Tykr stock screening service, for just $119.99. Now that’s a smart investment!

Ends tonight: Instantly analyze more than 30,000 stocks with this easy-to-use app


Instantly analyze more than 9000 stocks with this easy-to-use app, $20 off before prime Day.
Grab $20 off the Tykr stock screener ahead of Prime Day.
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Forget get-rich-quick schemes. The tried and tested way to grow real wealth is through smart investments. Unfortunately, not every stock proves as strong as AAPL (helloooo again, $3 trillion market cap). Thankfully, investing doesn’t need to be confusing — especially when you use a smart stock screener.

The Tykr stock screener analyzes stocks for you and teaches you how and where to invest. Your first wise investment? Grabbing it before this deal expires tonight. During this sale, you can save an extra $20 off a lifetime subscription when you use code STOCK at checkout. But you’ll have to act fast, since this exclusive discount only lasts until 11:59 p.m. Pacific on July 14!

Make savvy trades with the Tykr stock market app ($20 off)


Pick up lifetime access to the Tykr stock market app for $20 off.
Maximize your money with a boost from this popular stock market app.
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An increasingly murky economic outlook (debt ceiling anyone?) makes it more important than ever to maneuver the stock market with some savvy. Fortunately, you no longer need to pay outrageous fees in order to trade like a pro.

For a limited time, a lifetime subscription to the Tykr stock screener’s Pro Plan is available at $20 off the sale price ($119.99) when you use coupon code STOCK. This offer is valid only through May 28.

This stock-analyzer app can teach you to invest like a pro


This $120 app analyzes stocks for you and can teach you to invest like a pro.
Learn to invest wisely with this $120 stock screener app and learning platform.
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The stock market may seem like a lot to take in at first, but you don’t have to be a millionaire to start making money there. All you have to do is invest wisely, and the Tykr stock screener app could help you do it. For a limited time, this stock analysis app is on sale for just $119.99 (regularly $900).

Score this smart stock analyzer for just $200 and learn to make solid investments


Score smart stock analyzer for just $200 and learn to make solid investments.
This $120 stock screener can make the stock market and investing simple.
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To really grow your wealth, you need your money to work for you and not just sit in a savings account losing value. But, getting started with investing can be daunting, and not understanding what you’re doing can result in costly mistakes.

Tykr, a smart stock screener, can be an incredible tool for making investing simple. Your first smart investment? Grabbing Tykr on sale. Now, you can get a lifetime subscription to the Tykr stock screener Pro Plan for only $119.99.

This stock screener analyzes stocks and the market to help you make risk-free investments


This stock screener analyzes stocks and the market to help you make risk-free investments.
Score the Tykr stock screener to start investing intelligently for just $119.99.
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Whether you’re new to the stock market or a seasoned investor, managing your investments is a lot of work. There’s research and analysis involved if you want to build wealth and gain passive income. You could try doing it manually yourself, or you could make the process easier with this stock screener and educational platform from Tykr.

Tykr analyzes stocks so you can see which investments are low or high-risk, then choose where to safely put your money. A lifetime subscription for Tykr is now only $119.99.