Twitterrific 5 For iOS Updated With Some Subtle Improvements, Bug Fixes



In my review of Twitterrific 5, I commended the app’s incredible attention to detail. Today The Iconfactory released its first update to Twitterrific 5, and version 5.0.1 shows how a great app treats the finer details with great importance. There’s nothing groundbreaking included, but there are some wonderfully subtle improvements and a decent handful of bug fixes.

Behind The Scenes Of Twitterrific 5



Last night The Iconfactory released Twitterrific 5, a completely new iOS version of the grandaddy of Twitter apps. I reviewed the new app in detail when it came out, and the releases seems to have been met with a lot of positive feedback.

One of the developers behind Twitterrific, Craig Hockenberry, has lifted the curtain to give a behind the scenes look at the making of Twitterrific 5. A lot of work goes into making a great app.

Twitterrific 5 Is A Fresh Take On Twitter For The iPhone And iPad [Review]


iPhone 1
Back to the drawing board.

Many don’t know that Twitter didn’t actually invent the word “tweet.” It was a small group of developers at The Iconfactory who thought up the clever moniker when they made Twitterrific, the first real Twitter client. Twitterrific started way back in 2007 as the first Twitter app on the Mac, and the first iPhone version went live when Apple launched the App Store in 2008. Since then, the app has continued to evolve on both iOS and OS X. Twitterrific was the first app to use a bird icon, show a character counter as you tweet, and show replies and conversation threads in-app.

Twitterrific was instrumental in laying the groundwork for the likes of Tweetie and Tweetbot, and the The Iconfactory’s work is a shining example of how third-party devs can enhance a service like Twitter and make the experience better for the user. Without Twitterrific, the Twitter app landscape would probably look very different.

Last week, The Iconfactory announced the upcoming release of Twitterrific 5, a totally new redesign on the iPhone and iPad. I’ve been playing with the new app for the past week, and it has now gone live for everyone in the App Store. After taking it for a test run and speaking with The Iconfactory, I can easily call Twitterrific 5 the best version of the first Twitter app.

Completely “Rethought And Rebuilt” Twitterrific 5 Coming To The App Store Next Thursday


Screen Shot 2012-11-29 at 3.23.32 PM

The fine folks at The Iconfactory have put up a teaser page for Twitterrific 5, the next major version of their popular Twitter client. Version 5.0 will run on the iPhone and iPad, which hints at development of Twitterrific for Mac winding down.

As Twitter continues to make it harder and harder for third-party devs to support traditional clients, only a few apps like Twitterrific remain. Considering that Twitterrific was the first real Twitter app, we hope to see it live on. The Iconfactory seems to be committed as ever (at least on the iOS side).

Twitterrific 5.0 for iOS drops next Thursday, December 6th. We’ll have a full review when it goes live in the App Store.

Source: The Iconfactory

Iconfactory Continues ‘All-New’ Twitterrific Development Unfazed By Twitter’s New Rules


Twitterrific insists it's going nowhere.

When Twitter released its new guidelines last week, it quickly became clear that third-party clients would be hit hardest by the company’s latest rules. However, it seems third-party developers aren’t quite as concerned as the rest of us. Tapbots quickly confirmed that Tweebot development wouldn’t change, and now Iconfactory has confirmed that it will continue development on an “all-new” Twitterrific as planned — unfazed by Twitter’s new rules.

CandyBar From Panic Gets Mountain Lion Support, Goes Free Due To Uncertain Future


CandyBar is now free, but its days may be numbered.
CandyBar for Mac is now free, but its days may be numbered.

Panic’s terrific CandyBar tool has just been updated to support OS X Mountain Lion, and if you don’t already own it, you can now pick it up for free. Panic will no longer be charging for the app because of the new restrictions Apple has introduced to Mac OS X, which means CandyBar’s future is now unclear.

Twitpic Gets Its Own iPhone App At Last



Twitpic's app is likely too late to really get popular

Twitpic, the photo-sharing service for Twitter, has finally gotten its own standalone app. You can use is to post pictures to Twitter from your iPhone, and you can also browse previous photos you have uploaded to the service (and you probably will have some there already, as many Twitter apps use Twitpic).

You can also use the app as a client to browse photos taken by people you follow on Twitter.