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Twitter for Mac will be way better than just an iPad port


Twitter for Mac
Twitter for Mac will have features not in the iPad version.
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Twitter recently promised to bring its iPad application to macOS, and the now the company says this will have Mac-specific features, like support for multiple, resizable windows

The re-release of this social-networking software one of the fruits of Project Catalyst, which enables iPad applications to be ported to Mac with relative ease.

Twitter calmly explains why it broke your favorite apps


Many of the features of Tweetbot, Twitterrific, and similar apps just stopped working. Twitter's CEO tells us why.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Despite protests, Twitter made changes today that break some features of popular third-party apps. The company’s CEO explains that all Twitter is doing is finally enforcing a 9-year-old policy.

Rob Johnson says the company will no longer devote resources to apps it didn’t want built in the first place. The situation is a bit more complex that that, though.

Twitter redesign doubles down on news


Twitter is going to show you lots of news, all through the app. Hopefully that's what you want.
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A Twitter redesign will put breaking news and sports events at the top of your timeline. Expect updated iOS and Android apps to emphasize current happenings over casual chat.

Apparently being brushed under the rug are pictures of your cat. Twitter seems to want people to be consumers of Tweets, not creators.

Make Twitter great again with Tweetbot [50 Essential iOS Apps #17]


The Cult of Mac profile in Tweetbot on iOS
Tweetbot for iOS is clean, easy-to-use, and isn't cluttered like the Twitter app.
Photo: Ian Fuchs/Cult of Mac

50 Essential iOS Apps: Tweetbot for Twitter app Over the years, the Twitter app has changed significantly. What started as a container for Twitter’s mobile website has grown into the jumbled mess that it is today.

During that time, many third-party Twitter clients blossomed, providing a more streamlined, logical experience. While many faded away, a select few managed to stick around. For several years now, Tweetbot has been one of the best Twitter clients on iOS. It offers a clear design, simple gestures, and provides a better Twitter experience.

Crest Is A Fun And Leisurely Way To View Twitter On Your iPad [Review]


Your Twitter timeline's story told by falling avatars
Your Twitter timeline's story told by falling avatars

Breaking free from the mold of conventional apps like Tweetbot and the official Twitter for iPad, developers Adam Bell and Miles Ponson have created a unique Twitter app for the iPad called Crest. Priced at $1.99 in the App Store, Crest isn’t a power user’s tool for digesting vast amount of tweets. Instead, it’s a fun, leisurely way to view your Twitter stream from the comfort of your new iPad’s Retina display.

Social Media Browser RockMelt Shrunk to an iPhone App




With the Flock browser going the way of the dodo, there’s really only one social-media-enhanced browser left: RockMelt. And yesterday, they released an iPhone version of the browser.

RockMelt is pretty handy for those of us who like to post news and blog posts straight to our Facebook and Twitter feeds from the web on our iPhones. It also functions as a basic newsreader, and It’ll sync with the browser’s Mac version so you can access bookmarks and posts that have been tagged with its “View Later” feature. Best of all, it’s free.